Emesis Of The Soul – Darkside

just a fucked-up soul…

Breath of feverish poison
Leads my mind in spheres
Feeling myself clinched, locked
A bloody sabbath of my life

Bloodstained blossoms
My heart belches seas of flames
Its lips knowing all the arts
Angry swell to my heart

Flowers full of pestilence
Offer their chalice to my lips
Venomous fountain of pain

Shades of black halls
Deformed by blood and wounds
Sweet body torn to pieces by dogs
Moundmoulding heartbreaking

Steps – in madness through black halls
Eyes – broken in mysterious mounds
Silence – decaying crosses on the hill
Sweet – incense of purple nightwings

Smooth – bells hallow through my chest
Eyelids – sink from the incense of seed
Flame – so purple mutes my mouth
How – endless dark is the night

Pink mirror, a nasty gaze
Seen in a dark side

Lyric Emesis Of The Soul – Darkside