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No Apologies – Eminem

In my mind im a fighter, my hearts a lighter, my soul is the fluid, my flow sparks it right […]

Almost Famous – Eminem

[Chorus:] You dream of trading places, I have been changing faces You can not fill these shoes, There is too […]

Ken Kaniff – Eminem

[Operator]Thank you for waiting. Hello, may I help you. [Ken Kaniff]Oh thank you. I need to make a collect call. […]

Here We Go – Eminem

[Verse 1] Girl, I think you just might of tried to pull a motherfuckin’ fast one; I’m mad You just […]

Split Shine – Eminem

I ‘ma clean this whole shit out like climax, with words put togeather better then sony electronics, king of the […]

I’m Shady – Eminem

Who came through with two glocks to terrorize your borough (huh?) Told you how to slap dicks and murder your […]

Fack – Eminem

I’M GONNA FACKING CAM (oh shit), FACK, FACK, FACK, (fack i am), I AM, I’M GOING TO CAM, (i’m camming!), […]

Turn Me Loose – Eminem

Fred Durst: Check! Slim Shady, do the mic. kid (Eminem) I don’t do black music I don’t do Withe music […]

Amityville – Eminem

Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, duh-da-da-da-da (kill kill kill) Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, dumm.. (kill kill kill) Chorus: Eminem […]

Shake That (Remix) – Eminem

[Intro – talking] Shady, Aftermath BTOV There she goes shaking that ass on the floor Bumpin and grindin that pole […]

On Fire – Eminem

Critics Never Got Nothin Nice To Say man You know the one thing I notice about critics man? Is.. critics […]

Kill You – Eminem

When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to […]

Never 2 Far – Eminem

What up god? Ya heard? Chillen, cold as hell Yes it is, hey Busta didn’t come here did he? No, […]

Talkin’ All That – Eminem

[Ca$his] Uh, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah We’re renegades, yeah yeah yeah yeah We’re renegades, yeah yeah yeah yeah (Hit […]

Mosh – Eminem

And to the Republic for which it stands One nation under God Indivisible… It feels so good to be back.. […]

Wasting My Time – Eminem

That what you’re doing is not so cool You think it’s funny to mess with my mind Don’t you You […]

Watch Dees – Eminem

I hit harder Than Forman Landing both both gloves to a low blow With no cup Leave you Speech-less like […]

Cinderella Man – Eminem

You know technically, Im not even really supposed to be here right now, So fuck it, might as well make […]

Flyest Material – Eminem

(Eminem)- “Shady!” (Eminem)- “that’s me” (Mr. Eon)- “Iron Mic Trilogy” (Erik Sermon)- “back…with the flyest material” (Eminem)- “Sh….Sh….Shady!” (Eminem)- “that…that…..that’s […]

Cleanin Out My Closet – Eminem

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against, I have, i’ve been protested and demonstrated against, picket signs for my […]

Whatever You Want – Eminem

[Intro: Eminem] Haha, Swifty McVay! Mr. Porter, the Kon Artis (ha!) I told you we wasn’t leavin, c’mon! [Swifty McVay] […]

Who Knew – Eminem

I never knew I.. Mic check one-two I never knew I.. Who woulda knew? I never knew I.. Who’da known? […]

There He Is – Eminem

[Intro: Bobby Creekwater] Yesssss, ladies and gentlemen (yeah man) Bobby Creekwater, today’s host Today’s narrator, yeah (We do this shit […]

Going Through Changes – Eminem

I’m going through changes I’m going through changes [Eminem] Lately I really, feel like I’m rolling for delph like Philly, […]

Macosa – Eminem

[Young Zee] *Talking* I’m allowed to fuck up whenever… whenever I want… This the Outhouse… Lemme smoke a joint first… […]

We As Americans – Eminem

There’s an intruder in my house He cut my phone-lines can’t dial out I scream for police but I doubt […]

Busa Rhyme – Eminem

Slim Shady Slim Shady Slim Shady Slim Shady [Eminem] Well I do pop pills, I keep my tube socks filled […]

Love Me – Eminem

You don’t see me in the hood it’s cause I’m doing this man Verse 1 (Obie Trice) Nigga’s I’m still […]

Cold Wind Blows – Eminem

Cause some things just don’t change It’s better when they stay the same Although the whole world knows your name […]

Murder Murder – Eminem

All I see is murder murder, my mind state – [2Pac] Makes it too late for cops in tryin’ to […]

I Love You More – Eminem

You still love me? Take this. [2 guns cock] You ready? 1.. 2.. 3! [2 shots] [Chorus] The more you, […]

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