Category: EMPEROR

Ensorcelled By Khaos – Emperor

In an endless maze begotten To dead ends led by fools I sought a plague For those who smiled at walls In humble fear Yet, belligerent ways came to an end No war could ease my hunger By craving death I was To darkness reborn No sacrifice too great Caught in another maze Truly endless […]

In Longing Spirit – Emperor

Entrance my mind with thoughts of ancient times I wonder… Did they walk this path… Open seas An endless horizon they seem I wonder… where did they go… Nightsky Source of light an dark I wonder… Did they comprehend… Seasons running through my veins Like snow melting on my skin They crawl beyond my flesh […]

With Strength I Burn – Emperor

Deep Green Dark Chaos Blinded I run down these paths By heart I know them They lead to the searing cliffs Stout they stand above the waters edge Lifeless And this is my foundation Cold stone Formed only by winds and time How invulnerable Lifeless Ahh… I have longed to be at one with this […]

Curse You All Men – Emperor

Curse you all men. That resent my empire. Cause I have risen again, at war this time. The truth I speak, is your decease. My word is your defeat. And thou shalt not be able to hide anymore. The prophecy will conquer at last. Your sense of reality with mission to kill the theatre of […]