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The Blue Mists Of Night – Empyrium

…and lead me into the cold embrace of the night Here we drown in our grief, drown in an absence of light. Here is no shelter; no escape from our heart, Entwined in this tragic embrace I fear and bemourn to depart. When the shadows fall, and the sun sets in us all… Just silent […]

Lover’s Grief – Empyrium

Bereavest me of sleep, makest me wander under thy light. Thou letst abloom my heart until the very last of thy ray, Shine! Bereaver of sleep, ere black clouds hide thee away…. I know this can’t be eternal! No love hath ever conquered the borders of time! No beauty is everlasting, not even thine! But […]

Ode To Melancholy – Empyrium

Sweep me away, into the vale of thine! Where sorrow’s strong and so is joy. Melancholy – still my desire, O let my heart by thee inspire… O fill the air with thy sweet scent, Let thy light, thy star crescent. Wherever she dwells I will bid a farewell sigh For she dwells with beauty […]

Mourners – Empyrium

as olde as the stones…. Mourners of abandon“źd love, fornever their woes shall grow silent. O how many times may the moon has shone – reflected in these black lakes? Should it be that we can hear, the woes of those who ceased their lifes? O so old they are… they bare the neverending grief… […]