End Of December – Antichrisis

All stars fall down the story ends
Maybe there’ll be another song
Though nothing’s left but somnolence
And I’m so tired and worn out
Sometimes I feel like Hawkeye Pierce
I try to laugh among the tears

How I’m trying not to think of you night and day
But with each breath your last words come my way
Will I ever trust in anyone again?
Some say treasures are hidden behind sorrow and pain

You made me tumble made me fall
And though I seem to understand
I crash my head against the wall
How could this vow of yours disband?
And how much longer will I stand
Lying awake in sleepless nights
I wish I could replace my mind…

But it won’t last forever
So my friends do say
Step by step I’m getting by
And though sometimes my heart still sticks to yesterday
I hold on to my dream and I’ll be riding again

You don’t want me anymore
So I walk out of your door
I don’t want to hear one more pathetic excuse
You didn’t give me just one chance
I should have known by clairvoyance
From the first time you didn’t wear the ring anymore

Good luck to you
So long, Farewell, Goodbye
I won’t come back again
You were not the one I searched for
But I know I will find her

Til the end of December
I’ll be waitng for you
And I cannot longer stay here
Amongst your broken promises
Another planet’s calling
I’ll be gone with the rain
Til the end of December
I’ll be waiting for you
And I got strength to endure
Til the end of December
All the love that I have will show me the way
Til the end of December
Til my heart beats again I know I’ll obtain
Til the end of December
I’ll be waiting for you

Lyric End Of December – Antichrisis