Endless – Toto

It’s a miracle that you’ve found me
I can’t fool myself any longer
We’re both willing, young and able
Let’s put our cards on the table
This feelin’s gettin’ stronger
I see the sunlit tears in your eyes again
Now I realize
Maybe it’s the right time
Oh, maybe you’re the right one
Ooh, and now I understand
You could’ve slipped through my hands
Well, I just can’t wait anymore
There’s a chance we can make it
We just gotta take it

Endless are the nights
I stay with you
Endless are the dreams
You made come true
Forever in my arms
You’re the reason tonight our love is endless

We better get ourselves together
Before we hit bad weather
And we can’t go any further
Won’t you give me some affection
Point me in the right direction
This storm is blowin’ harder
Here comes that voice deep inside again
And it says to me
That maybe it’s the right thing

Lyric Endless – Toto