Performer ENTOMBED

Blood Song – Entombed

Drinking blood a red delightful bloody power my fatal bite the art of the blackest hour I suck your blood […]

Severe Burns – Entombed

The reprisal of your sins You stand & weep Incurable disease Infecting all parts of your skin You feeble creep […]

Rotten Soil – Entombed

Come down for a minute touch the grass on the other side meet the devil who is your host Strike […]

Blessed Me – Entombed

Enter a realm of worlds There is more behind, more to find You’re living through eyes so blind Embeded in […]

Full Of Hell – Entombed

I’ve got a 24-lane highway going straight thru my head a peace of mind like a brainstorm and thoughts that […]

But Life Goes On – Entombed

Surrounds another ended life Maggots infesting the rotten flesh Is that the way you want to die? Decomposed Don’t want […]

Evilyn – Entombed

The Day of Dark In my Sorrow I am Engulfed My fear showed My forever needed spark Gone is my […]

Stranger Aeons – Entombed

One more dead soul there’s a hole in the sky illuminating dreamquest the prophet’s eye by virtue of madness a […]

Bonehouse – Entombed

it’s all the same but when it all comes around I guess it’s kinda lame. I can hear you screaming […]

Living Dead – Entombed

Life is the paradise you’ve been searching for You are the God you try to implore You’re living in a […]

High Waters – Entombed

ready to play ball rolling with the punches never stealing small lay it down dirty play it back clean I […]

Say It In Slugs – Entombed

Don’t walk until green Call it penance, call it shock You just lost your esteem You know it’s ironic If […]

Out Of Hand – Entombed

Fools gather round to watch me bleed but there are things you’ll never see to protect and serve one nation […]