Category: ENTOMBED

Won’t Back Down – Entombed

I dislike the way you act I said Hey!!! Get off my back End of discussion You’re not getting used None will give you sympathy If you deal with self abuse Ever thought about getting a Life? Sick of hearing your lies You burn down my fuse When it’s me it’s a mistake For you […]

High Waters – Entombed

ready to play ball rolling with the punches never stealing small lay it down dirty play it back clean I hear what you’re saying don’t know what you mean it’s a scheme I have to say you’re only facing me to turn away but I’m here to stay shallowed by pride I’m gonna need you […]

Say It In Slugs – Entombed

Don’t walk until green Call it penance, call it shock You just lost your esteem You know it’s ironic If it went down today Phoney faces just don’t care But today they might have something to say I remember tomorrow as if it was yesterday And I say it in slugs I’m not convinced it’s […]

Sinners Bleed – Entombed

For that moment I sighed in relief But I was not just going to be dying I was going to bleed like sinners bleed Paralyzed by the fear For something I could not believe A paradise to some But a hell to suckers like me Unspeakable sights I behold They’re freezing & tesing my mind […]

Out Of Hand – Entombed

Fools gather round to watch me bleed but there are things you’ll never see to protect and serve one nation under god a nation in which no-one’s free Their flesh begins to rot what’s left of what they’ve got a boring life is getting old mischief won’t turn to gold By going back to burning […]