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Adestes Fideles – Enya

Venite, venite in Bethlehem; Natum videte regem angelorum: Venite, adoremus, Venite, adoremus, Venite, adoremus, dominum! Deum de Deo, lumen de […]

Tempus Vernum – Enya

Oceanus, maritimus, Ergo Opacare, matutinus, Ergo Septentrio, meridies, Ergo Occidens et orientis, Ergo Oceanus, maritimus, Opacare, matutinus, Septentrio, meridies, Occidens […]

Wild Child – Enya

Ever stop and listen. Ever feel alive. And you’ve nothing missing. You don’t need a reason Let the day go […]

Once You Had Gold – Enya

Once you had silver, Then came the rains Out of the blue. Ever and always. Always and ever. Time gave […]

A Moment Lost – Enya

that break my heart in two, I wonder how you can endure all I’ve said, all I say to you. […]

Pax Deorum – Enya

Domineoveniteosacramentum(discesm)eodeo Domineoveniteosacramentum(discesm)eodeo.. Athairarneamhdialinn..athairarneamhdialiom Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum. Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum. (translation: Peace of the gods […]

Flora’s Secret – Enya

Look above them Only they can see Where the clouds are going Only to discover Dust and sunlight Ever make […]

Marble Halls – Enya

With vassels and serfs at my side, And of all who assembled within those walls That i was the hope […]

Fallen Embers – Enya

All the stars were fallen embers. Once, when night seemed forever I was with you. Once, in the care of […]

Evening Falls – Enya

from within me calls – could it be I am sleeping? For a moment I stray, then it holds me […]

Orinoco Flows – Enya

Let me sail, let me sail, let the orinoco flow, Let me reach, let me beach on the shores of […]

Anywhere Is – Enya

but everywhere I turn to begins a new beginning but never finds a finish I walk to the horizon and […]

On Your Shore – Enya

my heart beats To find myself upon your shore. Strange how I still feel My loss of comfort gone before. […]

I Want Tomorrow – Enya

Your face before me though I don’t know why. Thoughts disappearing like tears from the moon. Waiting here; as I […]

Caribean Blue – Enya

… eurus… … afer ventus… … so the world goes round and round With all you ever knew – They […]

The Celts – Enya

Hoireann is o, ha hi, ra ha, ra ho ra. Hoireann is o, ha hi, ra ha, ra ha ra. […]

Someone Said Goodbye – Enya

there’s a heart a little colder; someone said goodbye, but you don’t know why. Somewhere there is someone keeping all […]

Only Time – Enya

Where the day flows? Only time… And who can say if your love grows, As your heart chose? Only time… […]

Exile – Enya

in December mornings, Cold is the cry that rings from this far distand shore. Winter has come too late too […]

Isobella – Enya

Language: irish (gaeilge) I do bheatha sa tъs, sa deireadh, I do bheatha sa tъs, sa deireadh. Isobella, o Isobella, […]

Pilgrim – Enya

Language: english Pilgrim, how you journey On the road you chose To find out why the winds die And where […]

Athair Ar Neamh – Enya

Athair ar neamh, dia liom M’anam, mo chroн, mo ghlуir, Moladh duit, a dhia. Fada an lб, go sбmh, Fada […]

Athair Ar Neamh – Enya

Athair ar neamh, dia liom M’anam, mo chroн, mo ghlуir, Moladh duit, a dhia. Fada an lб, go sбmh, Fada […]

One by One – Enya

Yet another goodbye! He says Adiуs, says Adiуs, And do you know why She won’t break down and cry? – […]

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