Undone Within – Epoch Of Unlight

Deeper Down I lie, and in it all the night That I may never see, what’s become of me. The wolves… howl above… yet for I… the peace that was once now has passed The caleche… rattles by… and again… the sustenance of life continues on its path A dark trip with nothing more to […]

Burning As One – Epoch Of Unlight

(A) Candle black in silver stand with wind-kissed flame on wick Casts a flickering shadow of the ancient one Whose slowly moving presence toward the hoary tower casement Ascends to view outside his manse the scene revealed below Legions align on the red high land hills Not as one but as many (Once) warriors for […]

Winter’s Seed – Epoch Of Unlight

Under The Darkened Sky Lies A Greater Light In The Moon-Turned Mind Is A Force That Strives To Die The Frozen Doom Comes-Feel The Dark Pull A Breath Of Forever-Envelopes The Pale Skin Release The Winter Seed Into The Heart Of Creation Endless Nights And Endless Cold The Force On Which He Feeds Into The […]

What Will Be Has Been! – Epoch Of Unlight

Caught within the scenes of time the warrior wakes again to find A prologue set by twilight rays through the breaking dawn A dawn unlike no other dawn as backdrop to proscenium The cursed cycle starts anew Himself “cast” down as lead On his feet a legend and on his throne a lord Bathed in […]

Silver Mistress – Epoch Of Unlight

( A scene of time flashes across the mind of the ancient one, defender and chosen soul above all by SHE. One of the isochronal encounters of Night’s Warrior. Forever, the solitary legatee of HER gift and raptured soul unto SHE, he engages the weakened forces of light in the eternal affray… forever to be […]

Crimson Might (and Glory!) – Epoch Of Unlight

… As giant wings, fashioned from the flesh of the fallen, exerted their will to secure beast and rider’s course in twilight’s sky so the once placid night was disturbed. In legion they came with only instinct as guide spurred ever forward by an all-consuming hunger. A hunger so old that the truth in its […]

Ad Infinitum – Epoch Of Unlight

Sea Seas within myself Yet see within myself What cannot be seen Lie Lies deep within my soul Yet cannot be the sole Purpose to my quest Time Time is but a stream A stream through which I cross Across the endless time In primal night I was always searching for an answer to The […]