Erase – Afflicted (UK)

I can feel life leaking from me..
I can see.. Everything you dont want me to see..
Its time I end the shame that has consumed me..

I wont grieve.. There is no redemption in me..
I can feel you staining my sanity..
You can believe.. Anything you want to believe..
Your Sins have not forgotten me..

Cut yourself away. pull yourself from me,
Hide yourself deep into oblivion…
I Cant believe I cared so much for you..

Forget about me, vanish instantly,
Hide yourself deep into oblivion…
I cant bare the memories i have of you..

I will Take Away the pain..
By erasing you away..
The Evil that you-
left in me.. Will surely be,
a memory.. I no longer need,
In me..

Lyric Erase – Afflicted (UK)