Monterey – Eric Burdon

Some of them came and played Others gave flowers away, yes they did Down in Monterey Down in Monterey Young Gods smiled upon the crowd Their music being born of love Children danced night and day Religion was being born Down in Monterey The birds and the airplane did fly Oh, Ravi Shankars music made […]

The Last Drive – Eric Burdon

They came from France All the way from the USA Just to take a chance They came from Holland Germany, Scandinavia too The rebel citizen driver’s, look out They come blasting through And they would drive all the way Through the pouring rain All night and all day Non-stop all the way Jacking it in […]

Have Mercy Judge – Eric Burdon

I’m being held by the State Patrol I am charged with traffic of the forbidden And I almost finished doing my parole Now, I’m on my way back down town Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul I go to court tomorrow morning And I got the same judge I had before Lord, I […]

Power Company – Eric Burdon

For the Power Company Turning night into day, yeah Yeah, for the Power Company You know that he can still recall when the company was God, Man was a slave Throughout a war-torn strife, My daddy held his lit electric light. Power Company They told him… ‘join the union, lad, or we’ll kick you in […]

Bring It On Home To Me – Eric Burdon

About leaving, leaving me behind Oh, bring it to me, bring your sweet loving Bring it on home to me, oh yeah You know I laughed, when you left But now I know I’ve only hurt myself Oh, bring it to me, bring your sweet loving Bring it on home to me, yeah, yeah, yeah […]

Red Cross Store – Eric Burdon

Baby you know I don’t wanna go Justine I ain’t goin’ Down to no Red Cross store She come down Justine, tell me I wanna talk with you in just a little while Ain’t you goin’ down and fight for your wife and child? I told her no! Baby you know I don’t wanna go […]

Sixteen Tons – Eric Burdon

A poor man’s made outta’ muscle and blood Muscle and blood and skin and bones A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong You load sixteen tons, what do ya get? Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go I owe my soul to the […]

Soul Of A Man – Eric Burdon

Want somebody tell me, what is the soul of a man I’m going to ask the question, answer if you can If anybody here can tell me, what is the soul of a man? I’ve traveled in different countries, I’ve traveled foreign lands I’ve found nobody to tell me, what is the soul of a […]

P. o. Box 500 – Eric Burdon

Than to try it a second time, in the state of Alabama. I’m gonna miss your Midnight shows, and miss your early mornin’ tokes, your big buddha face smilin’ Out across the ocean. You were a good thief, you taught me what to steal, I Guess you know by now how much I took from […]

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – Eric Burdon

Where the sun refuse to shine People tell me there ain’t no use in trying Now my girl you’re so young and pretty And one thing I know is true You’ll be dead before your time is due I know Watch my daddy in bed and tired Watch his hair been turning gray He’s been […]

Goin’ Down Slow – Eric Burdon

I’ve had my fun if I don’t ever get well no more I know my health is failing me now I know I’m goin’ down slow Won’t somebody write my mother and tell her the shape I’m in I want somebody to writet my mother and tell her the shape I’m in I want you […]