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I’ll Be Alright – Eric Saade

Will the answers even help Me from falling inside Not like it’s a surprise It’s the was you hide your phone Can tell it’s some other guy So don’t ask me to stay I’m better of, better of this way I can’t act not like you All of your faking broke us two You want […]

Timeless – Eric Saade

Hook me up with your lips Heal my body with your kiss You play tricks with my head But you’re everything that’s fitting me I’ve got a world to show you I wanna know you But time is moving way to fast We gotta stop, we’re speeding Freeze this feeling And maybe we could slow […]

Feel Alive – Eric Saade

back in time What press to lead Don’t wanna drown in the past It was way to deep I’ve been running around in circles Oh yeah! I wanna change how I live At a puzzle piece Feel on the ground I’m gonna try to be the best of me Hey! Nobody’s life is perfect Oh […]

Crashed On The Dance Floor – Eric Saade

When you left me so cold Now I’m out your door I’m ready to move on, yeah Seperated from the heartache But I never gave in So I’m out your door You’ll miss me when I’m gone, yeah You won’t steal love tonight I’m leaving the keys Give them to another guy Who’ll be the […]

Fingerprints – Eric Saade

You’re like a shape shifter And I don’t like it at all Can’t see the fuss But I guess it’s too much ‘Cause I can see your colors will fall You did this on your own Not who I used to know You need to turn it around Put yourself on display I like you […]

Popular – Eric Saade

‘Cause I know it’s possible Though I know you never look my way I can say; you will one day I can say you will one day I will be popular, I will be popular I’m gonna get there, popular My body wants you girl My body wants you girl I’ll get you when I’m […]

Echo – Eric Saade

it may look Cool but it burns We are like magnets, gravity like planets Somehow we always return oh Damn we bounced right back tried to break it off but just like that, we keep being blocked so We can’t escape we’ll, be coming back like an echo echo I don’t wanna go, I don’t […]

Made Of Pop – Eric Saade

Oh what a rush Pose like stars for us (Like stars for us) Perfect radio hits Obsessive chicks Proud synthetic licks (Synthetic licks) Oh, oh-oh My heart is beating The fear in me is leaving Heavenly breathing But oh, oh-oh It’s my ambition To spread my religion tonight You wanted a show Then you can […]

Say It – Eric Saade

I adore your every move Infatuated, by every little thing you do My heart’s on fire And it’s melting into you You’re mazing I’m gonna be true I’m gonna be true I’ve been afraid to say it, say it But I really truly feel it There’s no way I can ignore it I’ve gotta say […]

It’s Like That With You – Eric Saade

There’s something I just can’t describe To get to a moment like this Some people wait all of their life I always thought in the end To love just meant to get hurt But sometimes you’ve just gotta feel And that’s how you know it’s real ‘Cause there are times I just look at the […]

Hearts In The Air (feat. J-Son) – Eric Saade

So put your hearts in the air Put your hearts in the Put your hearts in the air Put your hearts in the Put your hearts in the air Put your hearts in the Put your hearts in the air Please excuse me if I sound rude Not a typical 9 to 5 dude I […]

Radioactive – Eric Saade

Radio… active Late night A bubbly bunch of people break it out Heading one direction Downtown Ready, set and going for a ride Craving satisfaction Impatience **** so free Perfect combination Give in This chance may not return ever again Freak out So let’s get excited You’re all invited Is everybody oka-ay-ay Scream and shout […]

Sky Falls Down – Eric Saade

I’m laying the facts We walked through a maze And we can never go back The passion we miss Because of her act I sing this song bitterly, bitterly So I reminisce of times in the past Don’t know how we stuck We started falling of track ‘Cause I feel dismissed We’re fading to black […]

Hotter Than Fire – Eric Saade

Don’t need no list, no invite I’m here to dance, dance D-d-dance, dance We had it straight to the bar One drink we came any more We’re here to dance, dance D-d-dance, dance Moving, moving I feel the vibe is getting loud, yeah Moving, moving And now the club is over crowded And at the […]

Stupid With You – Eric Saade

I can’t help but stumble when you speak I might slip I’ll go weak I can’t help but fumble when we meet You amaze me Everytime that I’m acting crazy ‘Cause butterflies and tingles invade me I’ll try to be myself tonight, yeah I can’t seem to talk right I can’t seem to walk right […]

Why Do We Need Fashion!? – Eric Saade

Ignore the answers Steal the show Create disasters I won’t stop by your judging eyes You stare me down Get off my ground Imagine life when no need excists And no responsibilities Why do I need fashion, oh oh For your satisfaction, oh oh In and out of fashion, oh oh Why do we need […]