Performer ERIC SAADE

Upgrade – Eric Saade

Once I became your guy Often I felt alone Then you spent an entire day telling me how I rate […]

Masquerade – Eric Saade

She’s dangerous and no one else can match those eyes She’s concealed So mysterious, that nobody can catch her lies […]

Manboy – Eric Saade

You’ve got the beauty inside You’ve got the looks That money can’t buy You want to live Like all the […]

Timeless – Eric Saade

Hook me up with your lips Heal my body with your kiss You play tricks with my head But you’re […]

Feel Alive – Eric Saade

back in time What press to lead Don’t wanna drown in the past It was way to deep I’ve been […]

Popular – Eric Saade

‘Cause I know it’s possible Though I know you never look my way I can say; you will one day […]

Echo – Eric Saade

it may look Cool but it burns We are like magnets, gravity like planets Somehow we always return oh Damn […]

Made Of Pop – Eric Saade

Oh what a rush Pose like stars for us (Like stars for us) Perfect radio hits Obsessive chicks Proud synthetic […]

Say It – Eric Saade

I adore your every move Infatuated, by every little thing you do My heart’s on fire And it’s melting into […]

Radioactive – Eric Saade

Radio… active Late night A bubbly bunch of people break it out Heading one direction Downtown Ready, set and going […]