Performer ESOTERIC

Sinistrous – Esoteric

Exuberant voices abound. I hear their scrapings of life, Falling, into infinity. Knowledge is understanding, And not truth. Truth is […]

Bereft – Esoteric

I always remember watching them fade. Upon winds of blackened torment, The promises’ I couldn’t see. For they are just […]

Dominion Of Slaves – Esoteric

Scattered within translucent thought. Order amongst the chaos of the psyche. The external dilapidation, A tribute to their world of […]

Allegiance – Esoteric

I reside alone in the darkness, Staring out from the blackened walls of my mind. Tormented through knowledge, unshackled by […]

Stygian Narcosis – Esoteric

Aeons passed since I last did feel, The joy of my tears, Streaming, in dissipation of sorrow. The insidious beauty, […]

Dissident – Esoteric

The Darkness Within That None Should Ever Touch And In The Machinations Of Cosmos I Appeared, Centuries Before My Time […]