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Stygian Narcosis – Esoteric

Aeons passed since I last did feel, The joy of my tears, Streaming, in dissipation of sorrow. The insidious beauty, so quiescent. Vehemence, stronger still, …Yet dying…. …As yet another gorge, Fails to bleed. I rub salt into mine open wounds, Scars heal, but the flesh is then dead. Pain spills, from my mind into […]

Dissident – Esoteric

The Darkness Within That None Should Ever Touch And In The Machinations Of Cosmos I Appeared, Centuries Before My Time ….Wisdom Is Lost Here…. The Ferocity Of My Rapture, Has No Relent ‘Gainst The Ineffable Nightmares Seizing My Body To Wake Through The Languid Hours Of Day Excised In The Blood Of My Pain The […]

A Worthless Dream – Esoteric

Yet the yearning for death, Perpetual in my mind. To end the pain. I wait for time to show me my path, The continuum or the end? I see it so clearly it burns my eyes. Into absolutes I fall. No time left. Realisation cuts off all pretence. My dreams so rarely dreams, Just messages […]