Eternal Hate – Massacra

Devastating Reign
Doomsday Mania
In The Cause Of God
Pain And Bloodbath

Passed On From Father To Son
It’s Still In Be For Generations
Firmly Rooted Sensation
It’s Still Actual Between Religions


Fanaticism And Terrorism
Hate… Rage…
Eternal Hate!

Racial War, Extermination
Intolerance And Violence
Holy War, Discrimination
Race… Raid…
Eternal Hate!

Outburst Of Fury
Lust For Power
Sad Insanity
Extreme Danger
Raving Patriots
Racial Riots

Passed On From Father To Son… (See Above)


Fanaticsm And Terrorism… (See Above)

Lyric Eternal Hate – Massacra