Performer EUROPE

Seventh Sign – Europe

I’ve been sailin’ ‘cross the ocean With the devil by my side I’ve been flyin ‘cross the great Blue sky […]

Dreamer – Europe

He is down by the riverside Late one night He’s tryin’ to count the stars In each of the signs […]

Time Has Come – Europe

Long for the sailor, beneath the skies Long for the white dove, no matter where she flies Long for the […]

Talk To Me – Europe

It’s not like before baby Tou can’t come running back no more And talk to me When it cuts like […]

Flames – Europe

I’m ready and countin’ There’s something I’ve got to be I’m fearless, I’m feeling Scared senseless, who needs this, Still […]

Homeland – Europe

Remember that summer Down by the shoreline I still can hear those old Forgotten songs And we made promises To […]

Stormwind – Europe

I like to sit beside the fire When the light is going down I like to hear the wild wind […]

Hero – Europe

If you had not shown the way Itґs not like I wouldnґt fight Not knowing ґbout your life Itґs not […]

Seven Doors Hotel – Europe

Fourhoundred years back in this time Seven Doors Hotel A massacre took place and a young man died Opened one […]

Human After All – Europe

We’ll make it through the filth and the glory Give, more of what you’ve got Funk it up, and tell […]

Cherokee – Europe

They lived in peace, not long ago A mighty Indian tribe But the winds of change, Made them realize, that […]

Superstitious – Europe

Keep on walkin’ that road and I’ll follow Keep on callin’ my name I’ll be there And if a mirror […]

Paradize Bay – Europe

Lay your hand upon my shoulder say something That I want to hear Time will wash out every trace of […]

Heart Of Stone – Europe

Album: The Final Countdown Titolo: Heart Of Stone (Joey Tempest) I’ve told you once and I’ve told you twice Wait […]