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Ready Or Not – Europe

Ready or not but I waste no time I’m headin’ out with some friends of mine Holdin’ on to what […]

I’ll Cry For You – Europe

I never dreamed that I could fall But something’s come Over me Now I’m sittin’ starin’ At the wall Afraid […]

Carrie – Europe

When light goes down, I see no reason For you to cry. We’ve been through this before In every time, […]

Tomorrow – Europe

Will you be there beside me If the world falls apart And will all of out moments Remain in your […]

Words Of Wisdom – Europe

So many words have passed through my mind Never thought I’d be so blind I wish I could understand you […]

Love Chaser – Europe

Someone’s at your door tonight Someone wants your love Is it real or just imagination You decide to wait inside […]

Girl From Lebanon – Europe

It’s time to break out from the cage It’s time to change your ways It’s time to find those Shattered […]

Wasted Time – Europe

Blood’s been spilled throughout all times We should know better since we’ve been around There’s been changes there’s no denyin’ […]

Ninja – Europe

Tell me the story, tell me the legend Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time, What […]

Farewell – Europe

There was a time, when I was satisfied There was a time, when everything felt right But now’s the time […]

On The Loose – Europe

Running out on the streets He lives from day to day Looking for someting to do He needs to get […]

On The Loose – Europe

Running out on the streets He lives from day to day Looking for someting to do He needs to get […]

Scream Of Anger – Europe

I won’t live to see tomorrow There won’t be another breath None of them will ever sorrow Those who sentenced […]

Bad Blood – Europe

Always lookin’ for a good time She came on just like a hurricane Man she was far too hot to […]

Sign Of The Times – Europe

When the word is out from the other side She turns around Cause day and night she’s waited patiently Now […]

Memories – Europe

There is no time to pay my sin And everywhere blows a firewind I’m all alone trying to survive It’s […]

The Getaway Plan – Europe

A friend that you once left for dead I’ve been busy, did you miss me No, you’re not paranoid, I’m […]

Rock The Night – Europe

I’ve gone through changes I’ve gone through pain But there’s not enough reason for me to go insane I know […]

Seventh Sign – Europe

I’ve been sailin’ ‘cross the ocean With the devil by my side I’ve been flyin ‘cross the great Blue sky […]

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