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Flames – Europe

I’m ready and countin’ There’s something I’ve got to be I’m fearless, I’m feeling Scared senseless, who needs this, Still something I’ve got to be There is no going back, this is what we know We come to entertain, asking you to follow Be born to self-destruct, here it comes again A desire to go […]

Let The Good Times Rock – Europe

You say that you want me I hope that you do Cause tell me just where I would be in this world Without someone like you When you say that you need me Like only you can Oh baby you don’t really know what you’ve done To the heart of this man So baby tonight […]

Homeland – Europe

Remember that summer Down by the shoreline I still can hear those old Forgotten songs And we made promises To last forever I just can’t belive those Days are gone There used to be a place That we could call our own We used to think tomorrow Was a long, long time But sadness filled […]

Stormwind – Europe

I like to sit beside the fire When the light is going down I like to hear the wild wind blow outside my door I have so much left to remember I have so much left to forget And I know I just don’t have to search for more But you want to change my […]

Tower’s Callin’ – Europe

All set ready to go, but little does he know He ain’t comin’ back no more All set ready to fly, into that deep blue sky Like so many times before Now the tower’s callin’, there’s no reply And there’s nothin’ they can do Now the night is fallin’ before their eyes Still no one’s […]

Hero – Europe

If you had not shown the way Itґs not like I wouldnґt fight Not knowing ґbout your life Itґs not like I wouldnґt stand Right here with my friends You threw us all alive When our days slipped away You gave us of your time ‘Cause you are my hero My fridaynight You wrote the […]

Seven Doors Hotel – Europe

Fourhoundred years back in this time Seven Doors Hotel A massacre took place and a young man died Opened one gate to Hell The Eibon is open use your eyes To read and learn In the end it could be your turn 1981 traces were found That could not exist in one’s mind A woman […]

Human After All – Europe

We’ll make it through the filth and the glory Give, more of what you’ve got Funk it up, and tell your story For every dream that got away We found our ordinary day For every blue sky turning gray We found imaginary ways I look at you and where we are We’re human after all […]

A Mother’s Son – Europe

When we close, we close our eyes There’s a place, a distant kind of place We cant let go, just cant let go There’s a faith, a stronger kind of faith It makes you try, just a little harder There’s a time, a lonely kind of time When you know, you simply know, that you […]

Lyin’ Eyes – Europe

I can tell, just by the look In your eyes, that the love is gone, that I once took So much has changed in the way you live I bet there’s nothing left that you can ever give The words of a madman are spoken I guess I’m not the only one The heart of […]

Brave And Beautiful Soul – Europe

It’s the ammunition that you need Here’s another song about empathy Please yourself think what you will In her light that shines I fall apart Her life is blessed and I don’t understand The brave and beautiful soul Brave and beautiful soul Here’s to you all sensible Never taken time to stand for something Hey, […]

Dance The Night Away – Europe

Hey girl I can feel your heart We had something goin’ on right from the start When I look at you I just feel so good Hear the music breakin’ up the ground Can you feel it I just love the sound And I’m lettin’ go just like I should There’s something goin’ on that’s […]

Yesterday’s News – Europe

mm..yeah Iґve got something to tell you Yeah! Oh yeah! Iґm catching the fast train Soon iґll be long, long gone And i shoot through the night Like a bullet from a loaded gun They been trying to use me Lie and abuse me Theyґre trying to break me No one can take me, no […]

Yesterday’s News – Europe

mm..yeah Iґve got something to tell you Yeah! Oh yeah! Iґm catching the fast train Soon iґll be long, long gone And i shoot through the night Like a bullet from a loaded gun They been trying to use me Lie and abuse me Theyґre trying to break me No one can take me, no […]

‘Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door – Europe

Hey you should know by now I’m gonna take you down Can’t keep me out forever ‘Cause now I’m back around Put your best defense I’ve made up my mind I ain’t like the others I’m gonna make you mine I’m gonna keep on knockin’ Knockin’ like before ‘Til my heart beats down your door […]

Cherokee – Europe

They lived in peace, not long ago A mighty Indian tribe But the winds of change, Made them realize, that the promises were lies. The white man’s greed, in search of gold Made the nation bleed They lost their faith And now they hade to learn There was no place to return Nowhere they could […]

Always The Pretenders – Europe

Maybe we broke the seal, Cracks begin to show Maybe we crossed the line, got everything of the ground Maybe we lit the fuse, a habit hard to lose All I can remember, all I can recall is you Telling me there’s been an, accident Always the pretenders, always thought that love would do Every […]

The King Will Return – Europe

They were attacked by surprise In the middle of the night They didn’t stand a single chance A single chance to fight After the battle they gathered around the king And they had never seen that man so sad “I’m tiding out to get those men Who hurt my people bad, so bad” The king […]

Here Comes The Night – Europe

Here comes the night It’s gonna be a long and lonely night Oh Lord, I pray it’s gonna be alright As I walk down this dusty road My heart weights down like a heavy load My spirit finds its way across the ocean And my soul cries out for leaving now I have got to […]

Superstitious – Europe

Keep on walkin’ that road and I’ll follow Keep on callin’ my name I’ll be there And if a mirror should break it’s easy to take Cause deep down I know that you care I’m not superstitious I’m not superstitious, I have no doubt That there’s a reason, how things turn out While things are […]

Paradize Bay – Europe

Lay your hand upon my shoulder say something That I want to hear Time will wash out every trace of sadness If only you are near I’ve tried so hard just to be somebody But now I’m found And we can be together And travel far away And we can love forever In some old […]

Got Your Mind In The Gutter – Europe

What’s a man to do When he’s bein’ accused I hear you talkin’ It’s real bad news Nothin’ happened with That girl last night So baby won’t you Tell me why You got your mind in the gutter You got your mind in the gutter You’re jumpin’ to conclusions And it’s plain to see You […]

Danger On The Track – Europe

I was heading for the mountains I had saved so much for you And in the town I left behind me There was nothing left to do. I knew that you were waiting For me to share your life Cause I told you when I left, that When I come back you’ll be my wife. […]

Forever Travelling – Europe

You spin this life around You bring me where some harder soul remain From a cold, cold place in time And you say: I, I just know how you make me feel You take it all the way, you send me all the way Oh, I, I just know where I want to be Forever […]

Lights And Shadows – Europe

One night she came, in from the cold Like a long lost friend, someone to hold She said, don’t ask me now Cause what’s in a name But when I’m gone you’ll neverbe the same So won’t you hold me now Can’t you see what I came here for Save me now, cause I now […]

Heart Of Stone – Europe

Album: The Final Countdown Titolo: Heart Of Stone (Joey Tempest) I’ve told you once and I’ve told you twice Wait for that day, when our love will rise To that song that brought our hearts together. Even though you’re mistreating me I know the girl that you used to be For me those days were […]

Children Of This Time – Europe

She spend one evening alone she’s on fire Thinkin’ of you in a dream You come home and she says you’re a liar Asking “Where have you been” But she’s the angel of your heart There’s not a thing that could set you apart If nothing comes by ’till the end If nothing goes wrong […]