Performer EVEREVE

A New Winter – Evereve

Perhaps I don’t care, but it’s not that easy to be sure when your laughter still resounds in my ears […]

Universe – Evereve

My pain and my sorrow, my grief and my dept Give me the sleep I need to forget Hypocrisy, cruelty, […]

Misery’s Dawn – Evereve

A sanctuary built for the mischosen Is it the final contradiction or just an irony of fate? Doomed we are […]

Martyrium – Evereve

Die die kahlen Wande zieren Was wird die heutige Nacht noch bringen Werden wir verbrennen oder erfrieren? Gefahren aus dem […]

Fields Of Ashes – Evereve

Broke through the rocks, broke through straight towards the sun Stygian light winks through the clouds Retched into this heart […]

Redemption – Evereve

Hearts full of grief Blessed are the feeble Who deny their own belief I am stranded Forgotten and forlon A […]

Spleen – Evereve

Sur l’esprit gemissant en proieaux longs ennuis, Et que de l’horizon embrassant tout le cercle Il nous verse un jour […]

Stormbirds – Evereve

We came flying out of nowhere And for a moment our wings gleamed Like gold in the light of fire […]

Kolyma – Evereve

Ragged lines of ragged grey Grey their faces, grey their hands Grey the ghosts that haunt this land Their pain, […]

Fall Into Oblivion – Evereve

Clouds bathed in sombre twilight Dust beneath our dragging feet The crumbled shapes of your image Left behind the dream […]