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A Winternight Depression – Evereve

I hear the darkness sigh. As it rises from a dead man’s pillow. Taking his last breath to the winds outside. Threads of moonlight torch the ground. Show forms a cover of silence. Candlelight spreads its wings over my soul. The flame illuminates the night. Searching for answers, my mind’s deceit. With myself torn to […]

Kolyma – Evereve

Ragged lines of ragged grey Grey their faces, grey their hands Grey the ghosts that haunt this land Their pain, it echoes through the hills Through no one living ever left This is Kolyma – a graveyard for the lost The muffled sounds of cries and moans Od swearing, shooting and commands They all disappeared […]

Fall Into Oblivion – Evereve

Clouds bathed in sombre twilight Dust beneath our dragging feet The crumbled shapes of your image Left behind the dream of a time That is fading away tirelessly And paralysed we are The light of old aged stars We kissed the girls, we drank the wine So why the hell not die We cried out […]

Untergehen Und Auferstehen – Evereve

Erhalten durch elixiere gemischt aus blut Wer will mich halten, wer mich toten, Wer solite sie loschen, meine glut? Ich spucke feuer aus der tiefe meines Herzens Da meine welt zugrunde geht Mein hang zur qual hat sie zerstort Auf knien das ende herbeigefleht Hab’mich erborochen nachdem ich dich liebte Als du nackt vor mit […]

As I Breath The Dawn – Evereve

A new day’s dew moves in, what do I breathe? What paralyses me? As I inhale the cold air from the world’s lung I cast my being far away from me In a crystal sphere on the ground I see my life On my knees I kiss the death with all her beauty In the […]