Performer EVERLAST

The Ocean – Everlast

There’s a house up on the hill Where you can just make out the ocean There’s a woman there waiting […]

Children’s Story – Everlast

Uncle Whitey, Uncle Whitey, can you tell us a bedtime story? Yeah, we want some bedtimes stories…(Please!) Once upon a […]

Hot To Death – Everlast

You gotta know the feel You gotta know the life You know what I’m sayin’ (Hey!) I said what’s goin’ […]

Naked – Everlast

Cyanide, suicide Double down, let it ride Lose your money, bruise your pride Easy came, easy went Ghetto slums, tenements […]

Pass It On – Everlast

I think he has something to say I’m here to uplift, I don’t bug, I don’t drift away from my […]

Get Down – Everlast

I see everybody rockin’ the same old style And everyone’s sportin’ the same profile And all of y’all wearin’ the […]

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