Pretty Dirty – Every Time I Die

It’s all but too much Nobody out there believes the obscene are reprieved Everybody get fed up My baby better get high, I’ve got something I need to confess The dead men talking are longing for so much more than simply the obvious. Cut us off. We’re suffering, hysterical, lighting flares from the foot of […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Every Time I Die

hangman her house is full of the broken hearted a suicide king and a pair of rusted spades she is gone a bit mad she wants her roses painted red but we’ve yet to find the shade God save the queen she wears her suit on her sleeve her hourglass shape is a funhouse reflection […]

Pincushion – Every Time I Die

i’m waiting with a frozen pulse. crawl into an empty womb, don’t raise these dead. they’ve found their god in soil. dry scab silhouette’s tell the secrets of sewn mouths, my heart is a sore but even charred faces crack smiles. mismanufactured. screaming like some faulty machinery. the overwhelming inefficiency of infants. artificer stead me […]

Your Touch Versus Death – Every Time I Die

eyes separate our lives dead underneath your skin this blood’s not mine you fucking whore you don’t deserve my Gods you’re a deified angel you leave me sickened in prayer it’s the residing disease in me that sheds it’s halos for whores it leaves my wrists cut with jaded tongues your eyes freeze my fire […]

Broadway – Every Time I Die

and I’ll whistle the tune all the way to the gallows that I heard at the cabaret. At the sheriff’s signal, the orchestra moves the floor. Don’t it make you feel wonderful? Body twisting strictly ballroom. Criminally elegant, ideal postured Viennese waltzer. I’m dressed to kill. I’m weightless and well rehearsed. In my godless opera […]

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery – Every Time I Die

provisions are made, accommodations are met. your words are recoded in the bleak genetics of the mob. praise apocrypha-omitted offense, to relieve us of guilt but not of our sin we’ve sacrificed discourse at the feet of your clever turn-of-phrase. now you owe it to us, we demand to be taken aback, to be showed […]

Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Romance – Every Time I Die

the distress calls that fall on a distracted short-wave signal. a metronome timed to my panic stricken breathing and a pulse conducted by our dying lines. you said my heart sounded like a payphone in the rain. distorted, distant, scrambled and desperate. baby, i swear to god tonight i am sober. it’s the reception between […]

L’Astronaut – Every Time I Die

Waving to the families of victims of the flood Straddling the front door of a Catholic orphanage I decorated it myself Thank you, you’re too much Honestly It was nothing We should all just thank god I’m alive Don’t shout I get a little confused sometimes I can’t make out a word you’re saying I’ve […]

Shallow Water Blackout – Every Time I Die

told me it was chemistry why i behave like this. why i move in misdirected impulse and speak in scrambled clusters of white noise. traction is not a term of endearment. death is an experiment best conducted face down. vertigo may not include spinning, but it ought to. i am languid in the puddle, face […]

The Logic Of Crocodiles – Every Time I Die

i’ve acquired a genetically altered handshake capable of speeds up to 30 mph. hair arranged by the most advanced landscape surveillance operators our company can afford. i have a very expensive pen. i use big words quite often in substitution for semantically equivalent words. i attribute this success to my professional demeanor and my strong […]

Emergency Broadcast Syndrome – Every Time I Die

situated like a makeshift antenna, grinning like tinfoil. we’re losing reception. we can’t pick up the game. i should be discontinued. i am a broadcasting embarrasment. hiss like the damned. decoding the transmitted pulse that dispatch from her lips. i am not recieving a sign that says i am still here anymore. do you hear […]

Apocalypse Now And Then – Every Time I Die

So what do we do if I can’t hold this pose for too long? Do we shoot again, or does the whole operation shut down and we go back to the board? I practiced all my lines, oh yea I’d feed every child in the world But it’s a one night stand baby We gotta […]

I’ve Been Gone A Long Time – Every Time I Die

But I’ve never felt better so I’m going out to get her and I don’t care what set of wheels I steal to get there. Balance is a minor setback. What she thinks is all right, and the way she looks is just fine. She sure as hell ain’t you, but lord knows she’ll have […]