Performer EVIL DEAD

Future Shock – Evil Dead

The sixties brought peace and love, with homage to Vietnam The seventies was Watergate, three-mile island the tragic fate The […]

Global Warming – Evil Dead

Few care about environment in the USA Propaganda controls, Pollutants in the atmosphere, Malathion in our air Mutant race developing, […]

Living Good – Evil Dead

the right to take money for He- Has given permission, to take the comission, Receiving salvation through greed, This man […]

Holy Trials – Evil Dead

A blessing from the Church, Admit to sin, Alchemist to the cross they hang above your head, Accused of witchcraft, […]

Branded – Evil Dead

Cry…into the wind Vivd warning time to take heed They soon await for A systematic regime One world! One card! […]

Gone Shooting – Evil Dead

A Human jungle that drives you insane, Cruising the freeways, dodging bullets of death, I rigger mad maniacs on the […]