Evil Eye (Evil Minds) – Agent Steel

The revenge that you seek will all come back to you
Do you know what you’ve done?
No justice was won
Exaulted will be who were trampled upon

There will come a time when judgement is near
The black cloud above you is clear
Love for your enemies, forgiveness you must
Instead you want locusts and plagues

A better world we can build for us all
The simple factor is life
Search for the answer it’s inside of you
Your heart should anchor the rest

Evil eye…
Evil minds!

Now Armageddon is bringing you down to you knees
Fighting the ways of the truth there’s no way to win
Hypocrisy festers in those who believe but decieved
What you do unto others, others will do unto you

Accepting my paybacks how long will it take
To show my intention was real
This world that we walk in is full os mistreaters
Who strip your heart, mind and soul

Your lust for revenge selfishness right
You’re doing it all of spite
The things that are taken without justfull reasons
Will someday come back to me
Evil eye…

Lyric Evil Eye (Evil Minds) – Agent Steel