Evil Prevail – Dark Funeral

We Come Through The Dampened Fog Filled Night.
Our Armour Shook In Measured Beats.
Our Weapons Are Carved With The Symbols Of The
Great Demon God.
We Are Inlaid With Gore And Grime.
From Uncounted Battlefields.
In The Distant Land.
The Smoke Witnesses Our Murderous Path.

I Summon The Force, Of Geburah.
Let Go Of Your Hate, So Long Been Sealed.
I Need Your Strength, That Dwells Within You.
Lend Me Your Flame, So The Sinners Can Burn.

Christian Souls Cry, The Sweet Sound Of Torment.
Surrounded By Flames, Forever They’ll Burn.
Angels Struck Down, Evil Prevail.

Like A Cold Hatred Storm, Descended From Hell.

Lyric Evil Prevail – Dark Funeral