Exciteable Boy – Tracy Lawrence

Shaking that rattle like I always did
Susie strolled in, that little girl next door
Next thing you know we were rolling on the floor
Mama came a runnin’ to her liittle pride and joy
Said Bless his little heart He’s an exciteable boy

High school redneck rebel to the bone
Running eighty miles an hour in a thirty mile zone
Steal a little kiss–Skip a little school
Break another heart, bend another rule
Cop tells the principle He’s only making noise
Cut the kid some slack, he’s an exciteable boy

I’ve been a renegade
since the day I was born
I get a little carried away
Never meant to do nobody no harm
I got a rock it, I can’t stop it
I ain’t about to change

Parking with my darling fogging up the glass
Slipping cross’ the truck seat trying to make a pass
My baby said stop we gotta take it slow
But you know me, I’m always raring to go
It’s the way I am, I don’t have no choice
What can I say, I’m an exciteable boy

(Repeat Chorus)

What can I say, I’m an Exciteable Boy
What can I say, I’m an Exciteable Boy
Ah you know I just can’t help myself
It’s just the way I am

Lyric Exciteable Boy – Tracy Lawrence