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Deranged – Exodus

(Intro: Tom Skid) Voices inside my head are making me go mad Now I’m afraid to sleep from nightmares that I’ve had I feel I’m on the edge, I need some kind of cure Now I’ve gone and killed someone, I’m mentally disturbed! (chorus) They can’t keep me locked away My psychiatrist says I’m ok […]

Objection Overruled – Exodus

Bailiff start the video recorder You’ve been sworn, what’s your complaint? Speak up son, don’t hesitate! He presided in his courtroom so long ago He was hanging cowboys for stealing buffalo Court is adjourned, for his honor’s feeling ill The shaking old relic needs a glycerin pill! Hang up your rope ’cause you’re looking tired […]

Only Death Decides – Exodus

Made your living till the day you retired Stealing, taking, using, and abusing Now for all your sins that you are accused of Cruelty, greed, dishonesty, and hate Forever locked outside the pearly gates Begging, praying, pleading, and bleeding Won’t extinguish the fire you’re feeling! They say when you die you go to hell But […]

Feeding Time At The Zoo – Exodus

It’s feeding time at the zoo When their stomachs start growlin’ the wolves start to howl For a bite of what’s on our menu As they pick up the scent they grow violent And they stampede to the feast No matter where you’re at, you’re in their habitat And they’re bound to be disturbing your […]

Like Father, Like Son – Exodus

Daddy’s boy’s been too wild His discipline’s taught with a strap No sweet song on father’s lap He always said that men don’t cry But burns and bruises seldom lie Dad learned his lesson well Spitting image of a man in hell Brought up in a home where love’s replaced by pain And when he’s […]

A Lesson In Violence – Exodus

Then come my way I’m guarded by satan I’m riding on baphomet I’ll teach you a lesson in violence You won’t soon forget The pleasure of watching you Is whati will get Fight – for what you believe to be right Crushing with all your might I laugh at their pitiful cries They run from […]

Climb Before The Fall – Exodus

His father worked so hard to provide that he died of a cardiac He made himself a promise to leave the poverty behind Now climbing up the corporate ladder is all that matters in his grand design You can forget about friends in your climb before your fall The climb before the fall Alone at […]

Exodus – Exodus

I love the sound of pain The more it hurts the better I feel The world will fall insane It comes to me late late at night When I feel like being cruel Whip out the chains and get the knife And slay some innocent fool Get in our way and we’re going to take […]

Heads They Win (Tails You Lose) – Exodus

You better take this lesson from me Some have it all, then a roll of the dice Can take them for everything Night after night you bet all you have Hoping you won’t find yourself in a ditch More unpaid debts, snake eyes again! Chorus The fever starts to take its toll You fell your […]

Force Of Habit – Exodus

I’ll pick your pocket for your last red cent It’s a disease, I’m stricken like the rest Never return anything I’m lent It wasn’t me, yeah you know it wasn’t me It must’ve been someone who looked like me Innocent until proven guilty And you ain’t got a thing on me Your possessions, your worldly […]

Chemi-kill – Exodus

(First and third fills: Rick)(Second and fourth fills: Gary) Politicians, they’re all on the take Toxic polliters, leave cancer in their wake Campaign contributions are nothing more bribes Pockets growing, fatter at the expense of all our lives (sub-chorus) Now we’ll grab them by their white collar And throw them in the waste Look at […]

Pleasures Of The Flesh – Exodus

Smell of death lurks around the place Human need, unholy race See the bloody pile of bones The night is filled with hellish moans It’s been around for oh so long At dawn of time they sang their song The need to eat the human flesh The strength it gives to pass the test (chorus) […]

Seeds Of Hate – Exodus

Hatred is spreading like the plague The fuse is cut the line’s been frayed The third world’s a time bomb ready to blow Soon the earth will explode! (chorus) How can we help you If you don’t know The ending of the fate? Would you help us Raise the terror Against the seeds of hate […]

Fuel For The Fire – Exodus

Says he’s gonna start, the third world war Justifies his illegal acts The land he says that’s his, he’s takin’ it back Blood will spill – in desert sand The people kill – barbaric land A war for peace – I understand Obtain the fuel – the master plan Blood will spill – in desert […]

Bitch – Exodus

Just had a fortnight sleep I’m feeling so tired, oh, so distracted Ain’t touched a thing all week I’m feeling drunk juiced up and sloppy Ain’t touched a drink all night Feeling hungry can’t see the reason Just had a horse meat pie Yeah when you call my name I salivate like a Pavlov dog […]

And Then There Were None – Exodus

Eyes blinded by the nuclear blast Hearts beating retreating All around are bodies burned to ash Children crying and people dying No salvation from this holocaust Bodies burning and now their learning In war painful death’s the bloody cost Life ends in sin God cries world dies And then there were none The world starts […]

Corruption – Exodus

From seedy dope pushers to the politicians we meet The sorry religious vomit that infests in our TVs The weapons that we sell to the trash in the middle east Murderous drug smugglers pay their way to pass They look the other way when they take the kickback We’ve got to put a stop to […]

Me, Myself & I – Exodus

Suppressing their own needs to lend a helping hand Looking out for number one is my only creed Self-preservation runs deep in my breed I, me, mine suits me just fine I won’t even give you the time Go out and buy your own watch I ask nothing of you but leave me be Me, […]

Cajun Hell – Exodus

Live some people, you leave them alone Getting lost may be your last mistake Unfriendly strangers, unkindly they take Living off the fat of the land They hold their justice in the palm of their hand Lay down your gun and surrender quiet Or there’s gonna be a Cajun riot Danger in the swamp, that […]

Choose Your Weapon – Exodus

So you think you’re good and ready? If you do your bubble is gonna burst We’re getting whipped into a frenzy And you’re the one we’ll punish first We’ve got our muscles pumped and primed To release our devastating force Non-stop unrelenting aggression To us is par for the course! (chorus) I hate to love […]

Deliver Us To Evil – Exodus

Hell’s fire starts to glow My prayers have now been heard By my lord, my god. master lucifer There is no life or birth When the undead walk the earth Unholy blaspheme and torment Are now set free. Lead us into temptation A reign of terror will begin Deliver us to evil We promise death, […]