Performer EXODUS

Piranha – Exodus

Brought up to waste mankind Loki’s pets his little children Deadly eyery time Trapped in swamps by gates of hell […]

No Love – Exodus

Black master rules the night See the power start to surge Upon a hellish sight It’s time to raise them […]

Architect Of Pain – Exodus

Born unto privilege child of aristocracy, so tender the young mind, yet so unclean His was a heart of darkness […]

A. W. O. L – Exodus

A. U. S. ambassador Caught in selling secrets To a foreign conspirator Pledged his allegiance to The red, white and […]

Parasite – Exodus

A distant hum Cuts right through the skies Calling my attention I look up I can’t believe my eyes Thousands […]

Brain Dead – Exodus

Your body lies without a twitch-can’t move Feeling gone, nothing to say or do Still alive but you can’t think […]

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