Eye Of Horus – Symphorce

There was a time when I needed to pray
the color of dried blood down on my knees
for now Iґll believe falling apart at the seams
I gotta rise, Iґm sick of your lies
now Iґm just feeling better, Iґll be trembling in
your breath and Iґm here forever
Souls of fire wonґt you be told
instinct liar Iґve sold my soul
There was a time when I needed a place
to free from my face
the days with no dawn and my pages turn

holding onto a ghost
I canґt save
Do you feel the shame
cause I need a change
Some believed in all my lies
but I know, whatґs wrong in
your mind

When you walk away,
so Iґm lost
in the eyes of forever
now I hear you say
heal my soul
with the eyes of forever

There was a time when I needed to live

Lyric Eye Of Horus – Symphorce