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Don’t Stop Wont Stop – Fabolous

It’s been a year and some change And I’ve been hearin’ some things That there’s some motherfuckers tryin’ to be me But ain’t none of these motherfuckers tryin’ to see me So I won’t stop, and I don’t stop, yeah It’s like everywhere I look and everywhere I go I’m hearin’ muh’fucka’s tryin’a steal my […]

Change You Or Change Me – Fabolous

But umm, some people need to make that change You know what I mean? Change is good sometimes. You know? [Verse 1] Why would I change? I ain’t never slide down a bad pole Even though I’m certified over plat’s sold They say I’m different ‘cuz I ride in a plat. Rolls But every time, […]

Baby – Fabolous

[M. S.:] I’ll never call another lover mine [Verse 1: Fabolous] And why would I, and why should I When I seen a lady tonight, with my good eye that I would try and make My..( I was up in the club putting my hood high When I saw you, and I stood by Just […]

Throw Back – Fabolous

Uhh, I stay way ahead of the game Ya know, Catch me if you can nigga Uhh, Haha [Verse 1] Throwback this, Throwback that It aint where you from its where you wear ya throwback at I rock the Reds Pete Rose when I’m in the ‘Natti And 4X, You cant see the semi-automatti When […]

Round & Round – Fabolous

Yeah man [Chorus] Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!) Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!) Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!) Round and Round and Round and Round (WHOA!) [Verse 1] And they say what comes around goes around So the cristal rolls ya down til it slows ya […]

Ride For This – Fabolous

{Yea, Uh Huh, Yea} We in the door now {Yea} Holla, Rule nigga, With the F-A-B-O haha, Yea {Yea} Cluemanatti {My nigga} Holla back nigga {Yea, Uh, Yea} Irv Gotti {Yea} Murder Inc. {Uh, Yea, Uh} Run’em down nigga [Fabolous] Load the 4-4 up Im the reason the price of raw go up Jump outta […]

What Should I Do – Fabolous

Does anyone care (anyone care) Please tell me Im alone and scared (alone and scared) Please help mee What should i do (what should i do) What should i do (what should i do) What should i do Please tell me Please tell me [verse 1] Dear fab I wrote this letter in confidence you […]

Gotta Be Thug – Fabolous

for Dead Presidents any cat alive can get it I walk around covered in ice like I survived a blizzard got enough chips to bribe you wit’ it pay off security at clubs, get my guns and knives admitted I’m the type that gets tried and aquitted if my vibes ain’t wit’ it I pull […]

Young’n – Fabolous

Uh Uh do it huh huh what ya’ll want huh [Verse 1] Rollin, gold two seater Stash in the dash Hole through heaters Blockahhhhh put holes through beaters Ghetto Fab stroll through Cheetahs Ballin, Brooklyn dawn Addicted to Crys hooked on Don 15 G’s hookers on Ma, I wanna see how you look in thongs […]

Yep, I’m Back – Fabolous

Boom, clap, boom clap Boom, clap, boom clap Boom, clap, boom clap [Verse 1] Now errybody get your hands UP Now errybody get your hands UP Loso, mo betta (mo betta) Mo cheddar (mo cheddar) I do the rolls I am not a mo wetta?? Challenge me with the bling these niggas know betta The […]

Make U Mine – Fabolous

But I ain’t Usher Raymond I’m the kid that they rush to blamin’ For the crush they claimin’ Who can make em’ blush the same when I ask “What’s my name?” and they yell F-A-B, OHH! You shouldn’t of even brought her my direction Unless she was handcuffed wit a order of protection, yeah I’m […]

Diamonds – Fabolous

Diamonds On My Damn Chain! It Ain’t Hard To Tell! [Chorus] Diamonds In My Damn Chain! Diamonds In My Damn Chain! I’m like ooh daddy, I see you do the damn thang Got my vote, I’m feelin’ your campaign I like you but, I really like your damn chain! Diamonds In My Damn Chain! Diamonds […]

Church – Fabolous

to listen to a young man that’s on fiiya You sittin in the church wit Reverend Charlie Murphy and I’ma bring it to ya wit brother F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S Fabolous [Fab:] Preach, Brother preach [Rev.:] Fabolous [Fab:] Preach Brother preach [Rev.:] Preach to ’em Brother, Church [Fab:] Yea, Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh [Verse 1] Yo, I preach […]

Respect – Fabolous

For real.. leave me alone, shit You fuckin with the wrong one brotha I’m telling ya I’m sittin in the crib dreamin about killin ya with machine guns shotties and desert E dilligers putting a bullet as big as a battery through a niggaz anatomy and watchin him die slow you need full clips to […]

Real Playa Like – Fabolous

Tryin to show you somethin shorty Ay baby girl they say the world is a beautiful place, that’s right I’m tryin to help you open yo’ eyes and see that Ha ha, this some shit, cool shit, real playa like [Chorus: Fabolous (Lloyd)] Hey shorty, we can do it real playa like We can go […]

Get Smart – Fabolous

Sneak in the Days Inn I’m never tweakin’ of haze an frequently blazin’ Now if they ain’t on ya face it ain’t the cheeks that i stay in Cant deny it, Used to take weeks and persuasion Now I just be lookin’ down at these freaks in amazement With a girl, The first thing I […]

We Don’t Give A – Fabolous

i know, i know [Verse 1] If you wanna have smaller digits The kid was never, a playa hata or baller bigit Every week, pay em all a visit I bring Pamela Lee to the P’s so we all can dig it I popped enough alcohol so we all could swig it Guns, stand them […]

I’m The Man – Fabolous

[Chorus: Red Cafe] Excuse me! I happen to be the boss man Excuse me! I happen to be the weatherman Excuse me! I happen to be the ice man Excuse me! I happen to be the dopeman And I’m the man – yes, shorty I’m the man I’m the man – yes, shorty I’m the […]

Fire (Remix) – Fabolous

Let me just make this statement Loud and clear – Jersey’s here Hey, Ja, Joey Triangle Offense do it like… (whoa) (“what” – repeated in background) (*female voice: “yeah” – repeated*) [Verse 1 – Fabolous] Maybe it’s the dipped Jesuses The twin Jesuses with diamonds in them, that’s clear they break gooses Maybe cause I’m […]

Right Now & Later On – Fabolous

Uh, William H. Bonnie, ma’ I make you famous [Fabolous] Some little pretty mami’s is all I need (yeah) Hennessy, Cristal and sticky weed (uh huh) A little drop sports coupe’s all I want (yeah) And I brought the hammer if y’all front (woooh) Yeah, the kid been makin these mami’s, yell “papacita” Since Kangols […]

Ma’ Be Easy – Fabolous

yeah, yeah, yeah [verse 1] Yo, I ain’t got no reason to trick or spend Mami, I’m the reason the chicks begin cheesein’ and snickerin’ Playa like me? every season these chicks have been Talkin’ how I came through the P’s in a sicker benz Heard about the platinum visas the bricker bends Jewels so […]

Niggaz – Fabolous

Ghetto Fab Paul Cain, Joe Buddens We all “Street Dreams” At one time or another Fast cars, cash Money, hustlin… C’mon y’all Desert Storm [Chorus – Paul Cain] Some niggas thug, and some niggas is bitch Some niggas’ll rob, and some niggas’ll pitch Some niggas ain’t got shit, some niggas rich Some niggas do the […]

Keepin’ It Gangsta – Fabolous

Where y’all do it, just keep it gangsta Look at them gangstas [Verse 1] Fab’s livin’ la vida loca Only nigga in the hood you can come see for either weed or coca Nark’s wanna see me and my team in a chair They heard about the kid with the high beams in his ear […]

The Bad Guy – Fabolous

Cause you don’t got the guts to be what you want to be Fabolous…he doesn’t have that problem He always tells the truth That’s what it’s all about? That’s what we work so hard for Fabolous? So they can point their fucking fingers and call me the fucking bad guy? [Verse 1] I guess I’m […]

Now What – Fabolous

Haha, who could fuck around? Huh? uh.. [verse] I bet you look at things from a different perspective When you see the size of the slugs, the fifth or the tech get A couple’ll lift a detective And make sure the legs that he used to walked with is defective All you niggas do is […]

If They Want It – Fabolous

I don’t understand how niggaz insist to knows bout How we spend car money to glist our rollz out Play bars and buy the Cris and Moes out Flash benjies just to twist the hoez out Fabolous the one from the Menatti Mix Known to have more kicks than karate flicks Slim nigga in a […]

Gangsta – Fabolous

That’s how it be when you see me That’s how it be in NYC (Y’all know whoooooooo) If it’s me it’s got to be If it’s me it’s got to be G-a-n-g-s-t-a (Y’all know whoooooooo) [Verse One] I’m still living la vida loca With wholesale prices on weed or coke-a For the hustlers, for the […]

Tit 4 Tat – Fabolous

Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!) Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!) Uh! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!) It’s my world! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!) Ya heard?! (hah! hah! hah! hah-hah!) Real Talk pha-real, ask my nigga Pharrell, ya heard?! Haha! [Verse – Fabolous] You see I do’s what I choose on shiny twenty-two’s Be’s what I please […]

Keepin It Gangsta (Remix) – Fabolous

[Styles] True indeed [Jadakiss] Double R [Styles] Yes, true indeed [Jadakiss] Desert Storm [Syles] True indeed (Sheek Lu’ where you at?) [Styles] True indeed (Haha, You know how we doin’ baby?) [Jadakiss] (Styles) Keepin’ it Gangsta, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yo How many men could you kill? (Let me count all the bullets I […]

My Life – Fabolous

All my life I look for you [Verse 1 – Fabolous] I’m just Fab, I see how Mary be now But I can barely be found And I rarely be round But when I do, the jury be drowned And you can see how clear the Pile Vase, and the Canaries be now The top […]