Performer FABOLOUS

Make Me Better – Fabolous

Timbo. Hey, Ne-Yo. Say what? Lo-So. Hey, hey. [CHORUS (Ne-Yo):] I’m a movement by myself. But I’m a force when […]

Now Ride – Fabolous

Uh (uh-huh-uh) Uh (uh-huh-uh) uh [Verse 1] Niggaz ain’t gon’ be happy till I click on a rage Pick up […]

Into You – Fabolous

I’m so into you now I wanna be more than a friend to you now When they ask, I mention […]

Why Wouldn’t I – Fabolous

Why wouldn’t these niggas hate us huh? (Why wouldn’t they Fab?) Yeah, (Desert Storm), uh, yeah, uh [Fabolous] Why wouldn’t […]

Not Give A Fuck – Fabolous

Right, right – ghetto I’m somethin’ like a phenomenom, But still dumpin’ whenever the drama’s on, Ya’ll hustlers can’t eat […]

Young & Sexy – Fabolous

You’re only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Let’s get it in, 25 and younger [Chorus – Mike Shorey […]

Breathe – Fabolous

BREATHE! [Bridge] One and then the two Two and then the three Three and then the four Then you gotta […]

First Time – Fabolous

The First Time You Kissed My Lips The First Time Your Finger Tips Touchin’ Me Couldn’t Resist The First Rhe […]

Faboloso – Fabolous

uh, uh, uh-huh-uh, uh, uh Mida, allow me to introduce myself, I’m known as Faboloso When it’s time to slide, […]

Brooklyn – Fabolous

Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brook! Brook! Brook! Where Brooklyn At? Brooklyn Atwhere Brooklyn At? Brooklyn Where Brookyln At? […]

Change Up – Fabolous

[Akon] Konvict [Fabolous] We never change over here Street Fame, Konvict [Chorus 1: Akon] If I’m your man, then you’re […]

Damn – Fabolous

Damn-it’s the way he grabs on himself when he gettin closer to them girls be like Damn-it’s the wife beater […]

Girls – Fabolous

Those are usually in Gucci (Girls) Some of them no good Some of them so hood But they all pros […]

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