Cleansweep – Face Down (Sweden)

In your world Nothing’s what it seems Master Of pre-judgement What do you really know about the things we do We know who you are This time you’ve gone too far The scar runs too deep Thanks for the inspiration To rise above you all Second coming Back with a vengeance Judgement day Cleansweep Dreams […]

Dead Breed – Face Down (Sweden)

That’s all we’ll ever be, A suicidal breed, Shaped from this tainted life we live So what can you tell me, That I don’t already know, You’re already my bottle of pills, And companion as I go This ripped up soul, Will it ever change this life Iive, No never… We’re dying within, ‘Cos we’re […]

Weak – Face Down (Sweden)

Who said that life was simple to live The pain inside eats away at your pride The price of friendship is sometimes high But weak, in pain Is where you want me to be But still you are The one who’ll always lose I win, you lose Crack some lies behind my back The time […]

Top Of The World – Face Down (Sweden)

Sheltered from all the ugly things in life But didn’t daddy tell you, There are places where you don’t belong, Executive seats, In charge of my life, Music industry And if he did, Why didn’t you listen? So you could have spared us the unpleasent experience of ever meeting you. Promises broken, Money never seen […]

Human – Face Down (Sweden)

To live, give, love and forgive I’m trying… Never painless, emotional emptiness I always keep raping myself this way Just darkness, I’m building myself a mountain of grief I’m left by myself Noose of guilt around my neck Will there be someone here to listen? Self destructive, or call it what you want Self deception, […]