Performer FACE DOWN-US

Chameleon – Face Down (US)

Fractured dream, and I’m not the same I’ve lost ability to escape in sleep Hold on a little longer And […]

Monkeypunk – Face Down (US)

Paddle with the spoon and you came up sinking Too fast then it gets faster Downward spin don’t think you’re […]

Machine – Face Down (US)

Of the meat production chain Meat survival’s down Plague death from the disease Still the meat procreates Adds bodies to […]

Reject – Face Down (US)

I cannot forgive Dictates of treason Nothing more I’ll give Wounds are familiar Scars will never heal Enamored depression Nothing […]

Pain – Face Down (US)

Clouded by the shades of yesterday Still I feel naiveté’s hope for change Memories endured memory remains Peel the skin […]

Legion – Face Down (US)

See the violence below Losers cling to their hallowed ground Only faith that they know Youth collides in opposing prides […]

Acceptance – Face Down (US)

Like butterflies dying in my stomach Now I cannot sleep The visions creep behind my stare Giving me the reality […]