Performer FACE TO-FACE

Icons – Face To Face

The same thing that happens when I’m sure what I’m thinking about is right But I don’t know anything The […]

Sensible – Face To Face

someone tell me that I’m right someone tell me where I’m going I guess it’s safe to say I don’t […]

Nothing New – Face To Face

put in front of you nothing you don’t understand don’t try to rationalize no one hears your lies only you […]

Resignation – Face To Face

you’re full of prejudice and spite you think you’ve got me pegged but you’re wrong out of my way there […]

Shame On Me – Face To Face

I wasn’t thinking Everything is wrong I couldn’t see it I guess I thought that things Would somehow try and […]

Promises – Face To Face

is it something less than you think it should be? what’s the matter with the truth? is there any of […]

A-OK – Face To Face

it’s going to pull me down you think that I’m invisible it’s going to pull me down it’s somewhere I […]

Prodigal – Face To Face

refuses to be left behind he doesn’t understand how they so easily made up their minds you had it in […]

The New Way – Face To Face

They said that you’re not ashamed of what you’ve done Everyone makes mistakes Make it up you’ll be OK That’s […]

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