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Pastel – Face To Face

you wonder if you’re only human it’s blood, dust, and paste we’re held together by a single thread must be a reason for us to justify it but no one will defy it what is it with this place? or is it that I’m missing something? you want to see my face when I can’t […]

Heaven – Face To Face

Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don’t tear you apart Yeah Heaven Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don’t tear you apart There’s too many kings wanna hold you down And a world at the window gone underground There’s a hole in the sky where the sun don’t shine And a […]

Heaven – Face To Face

Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don’t tear you apart Yeah Heaven Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don’t tear you apart There’s too many kings wanna hold you down And a world at the window gone underground There’s a hole in the sky where the sun don’t shine And a […]

Just Like You Said – Face To Face

It’s kind of hard to hold my tongue Because you still don’t believe you’re wrong I’m not so sure what I would say If I could talk to you that way You wouldn’t understand I was foolish from the start I’ve tried not to fall apart It’s just like you said but everything is somehow […]

In Harm’s Way – Face To Face

so far away it seems like everybody tried to tell you everything and who are you? who are they? seems like everybody wants to give themselves away three days old anyway so you’re tired and the inspiration’s gone away where are you? in harm’s way seems like everything is broken and it feels like I […]

You’ve Done Nothing – Face To Face

you don’t know what you want to do never going to amount to much of anything so what’s the difference if you win or lose? well that’s something well isn’t that something you’ve done nothing wrong and it’s never your fault you’ve done nothing don’t care where your friends have gone because you never really […]

No Authority – Face To Face

there is someone who is too afraid to let it show we live by consequences we never seem to get it right conflict of circumstances and sometimes we may lose a fight wouldn’t you know something is going wrong wouldn’t you know something is really wrong and you can’t do a thing about it no, […]

Falling – Face To Face

to tell another hundred lies but I’m not going down this time just when I think I’m over it it’s getting easy to forget I haven’t even faced it yet I never wanted anyone to be so wrong for you stop falling down I don’t have anyone to blame I can’t make anybody change I […]

I Want – Face To Face

but everybody lies everybody wants some proof but everybody’s blind so open up your eyes I really don’t know much of anything at all but I’ll admit we’re all the same you ask forgiveness and you make the same mistakes and I’ll admit we’re all the same I want to know do these words mean […]

Out of Focus – Face To Face

I was sure of it, I could’ve been wrong It seems like it’s never quite like I thought it’d be The reality, am I where I belong? It’s not like they said It feels like most everything’s out of focus in my mind I’m trying to make some sense out of what I left behind […]

That’s Entertainment – Face To Face

A pnuematic drill and ripped up concrete A baby waiting and stray dog howling The screech of brakes and lamplights blinking That’s entertainment A smash of glass and the rumble of boots An electric train and a ripped up ‘phone booth Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat Lights going out and a […]

Best Defense – Face To Face

Artist(Band):Face To Face Review The Song (0) Print the Lyrics Send Face To Face polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone You haven’t heard a word of what I said I’d give anything to get inside your head You act as if there’s nothing left to say I guess everything is easier that way I know […]

Velocity – Face To Face

tell me how you plan to change the world I’m tired of people trying to tell me what is right I’m tired of people trying to pull me down I know that you might never understand the way I feel I made a promise to myself that I would never let it show never look […]

I Know You Well – Face To Face

try not to care it’s really easy once you learn that no one is listening try not to give try not to help you’ll do much better for youself because nothing else matters I know you well by now you’re that good person don’t be afraid don’t be naive you think you’re better than me […]

Waiting to Be Saved – Face To Face

About a man who lost his senses, lost his way, About a man who had his will taken away. He took his life but not before he made them pay. So go on ask yourself the question (Are you convinced that you’re ok?) Are you convinced that you’re ok? (So go on ask yourself the […]

14 Hours – Face To Face

And the waiting’s almost done When I get back home You’re going to be the only one Staring at the lights or staring at the sun Everyday another fight or ill to overcome Another day another place Forgot the name but not the face I’ve been away for too long to remember 14 hours to […]

Burden – Face To Face

to show it on the outside from far away I should seem as ordinary as would seem the truth but all we find dishonesty and lies it’s hard to recognize the truth and why can’t I discover what the reason is that I know there’s something left that I should prove I didn’t mean to […]

You’ve Got a Problem – Face To Face

I thought you’d learn by now that nothing ever works out right you want to take away the edge you tell me it’s the only thing that helps you forget you’ve made your promises that’s not enough this time there’s only so much you can squander from a feeble mind you’ve got a problem with […]

Everyone Hates a Know-It-All – Face To Face

or at least the world I knew I’m so sick and tired of watching those who say and never do you’re right and this waiting seems to last for hours as I wait impatiently and it’s hard to find the strength inside to be who I should be you’re right why should I believe the […]

Shoot the Moon – Face To Face

I guess I didn’t have a clue I thought the world would change with the right song So we picked it up and moved it out And turned the whole thing upside down I told myself it wouldn’t be too long And I believed in everyone And everything they told me And I believed that […]

Heart of Hearts – Face To Face

don’t you make a peep now we hear everything shut the door and make it clean and neat now you’ve been so discreet now we’ve seen everything inside your heart of hearts you know pick yourself up off the floor and stand now wash away your sin now you’ve got everything inside your heart of […]

Bikeage – Face To Face

where did you go wrong this time? when your problems overwhelm you go get drunk it’s party time take a quaalude, relax your mind relax your body too! run from problems but you’ll never get away no one loves you, and you wonder why? sitting there with your mouth full of beer your eyes are […]

Struggle – Face To Face

they told him it’s ok there was a chance of failure they told him it’s alright a false security driven by a weakened state of mind it’s calling and calling he had a big decision they told him it’s ok bound by his inhibitions they told him it’s alright time for reality time to gain […]

I’m Trying – Face To Face

shot and killed today never even had a chance seventeen and high threw away his life has a gun to feel like he’s a man can’t have it any other way laying in the street asking for a drink doesn’t have a place to live pregnant at thirteen still can hear the screams something that […]

The Take-Away – Face To Face

No way you could ever see me how I really am Be careful what you say Because some things never change It’s such a waste of time, but it’s so strange You’re only right when something’s wrong You’ve tried to give me everything that I could never have I thought that you were trying to […]