Performer FACES

Flying – Faces

I’m flying across the ocean and I’m soaring back home to the place I was born and probably raised. And […]

Around the Plynth – Faces

Woken up on mornings such as this Thought exactly the same as I’m thinking now. Every night for a year […]

Silicone Grown – Faces

Wait a minute honey I don’t think the joke’s too funny I stayed up all night Checking out the doctor’s […]

My Fault – Faces

Take me like you find me Don’t try to change me You know better than that Take me as you […]

Love Lives Here – Faces

It’s hard to believe that this is the place Where we were so happy all our lives. Now so empty […]

Stay With Me – Faces

In the mornin’ don’t say you love me, ‘Cause I’ll only kick you out of the door I know your […]

Memphis, Tennessee – Faces

Long distance information give me Memphis Tennesee Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me She […]

Sweet Lady Mary – Faces

Sweet Lady Mary has to rest her poor head Wakes in the morning with her breakfast in bed I tried […]

Borstal Boys – Faces

Cell block five, how I hate Bromide With your coffee in the morning makes you so sterile The corner gang […]

Wicked Messenger – Faces

There was a wicked messenger from Eli he did come, With a mind that multiplied the smallest matter When questioned […]

Debris – Faces

I left you on the Debris At the Sunday morning market You were sorting through the odds and ends. You […]

Devotion – Faces

So good to be with the people that know you. It’s good to hear the things that they say, At […]

Stone – Faces

Once I was a stone many years ago Into a pool was thrown many years ago. Time passed by, the […]

Bad ‘N’ Ruin – Faces

Mother, don’t you recognize your son? Coming home, ’cause I failed you Mother I’ll be there in the morning If […]

Nobody Knows – Faces

I’m waiting here in patience Am I waiting all in vain? Will I see you? Will I touch you? Will […]

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