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Sweet Lady Mary – Faces

Sweet Lady Mary has to rest her poor head Wakes in the morning with her breakfast in bed I tried to help her but I did not know how I tried to love her but it’s all over now Nothing left to comfort me Except a sunny day Steal away Steal away Over the stones […]

Borstal Boys – Faces

Cell block five, how I hate Bromide With your coffee in the morning makes you so sterile The corner gang never made a man of me boys You know the walls are taller and the inmates scheme There’s no one here that’s more than seventeen Bet your life there’s a riot tonight in the mess […]

Wicked Messenger – Faces

There was a wicked messenger from Eli he did come, With a mind that multiplied the smallest matter When questioned who had sent for him he answered with a thumb. For his tongue it could not speak, but only flatter He stayed behind the assembly hall, it was there that he made his bed, Oftentimes […]

Three Button Hand Me Down – Faces

I don’t need no one’s opinion On the matter concerning my dress. I was raised in a clinic down in Oklahoma, There were many things I did not possess. I never complained, because my father said, “Son you’ll get your chance before you’re my age”. Then he took me upstairs and gave me this suit […]

Debris – Faces

I left you on the Debris At the Sunday morning market You were sorting through the odds and ends. You was looking for a bargain I heard your footsteps at the front door, And that old familiar love song, Cause you knew you’d find me waiting there At the top of the stairs. I went […]

Devotion – Faces

So good to be with the people that know you. It’s good to hear the things that they say, At times when you are with them. So good to note my strength is growing from day to day, There’s not a thing I try to do without you Troubled times of pain that come I […]

Stone – Faces

Once I was a stone many years ago Into a pool was thrown many years ago. Time passed by, the pool ran dry, excavated was I. And tempered and beat in a fiery heat, By the hand of a man, who’s name was Dan Dan the blacksmith. Once I was a sword, many years ago. […]

Bad ‘N’ Ruin – Faces

Mother, don’t you recognize your son? Coming home, ’cause I failed you Mother I’ll be there in the morning If you’ll have me back The rent up here is much too high For a room without a tap I’ll be early in the morning And I’ll find my way back home Back home bad ‘n’ […]

Nobody Knows – Faces

I’m waiting here in patience Am I waiting all in vain? Will I see you? Will I touch you? Will I hear you call my name? Come and make Ten steps to every one step that I take Nobody comes and nobody goes, No one is happy, and no one has woes. Everything lasting, ever […]

Flags And Banners – Faces

Last night I was woken by my cry Had a dream just as plain as you and I Saw the morning sun on a woodland in the spring Still hear the echo crashing through the trees Oh when I saw you down I fell upon my knees You and I we were wearing Southern Grey […]

You’re So Rude – Faces

My mum she likes you, she thinks your swell, Got the makin’s of a dance hall girl. Your low-cut frock and your bird’s nest hair, Stiletto heels and the way that you swear. She says to take you back to see my folks again on Sunday Why, it looks as though theres nobody in, They’ve […]

Maybe I’m Amazed – Faces

Baby I’m amazed at the way you love me all the time & Maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you Baby, I’m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time You hung me on a line Baby, I’m amazed at the way I really need you Baby, I’m a man, oh […]

On the Beach – Faces

(Ronnie Lane, Ron Wood) I don’t care who’s watching Don’t mind what the surfing heads might say Although I may not be no Charlie Atlas I’m gonna take my shirt off anyway Now skin and bones sinks easy on the high tide And I’m not one for castles in the sand I’ve seen a girl […]