Category: FACTION

Since I Was a Kid – Faction

A hyperactive little boy One day of life on all my toys I pulled the hair of little girls slid on cardboard down steep hills Ghost-ride my bike into walls Broke windows while playing baseball Get dragged to shop with the folks Nag and pout, make ’em look like jokes Snake some money and go […]

The Kids are the Future – Faction

Make sure we teach them not to lie Tell them all that they need to know Tell them now, and let’s not be slow Teach them truth and advertising Because they’re seldom hand in hand Right now they’re selling presidents Let’s make them understand that the kids they are the future Tell them picture tubes […]

Eternal Plan – Faction

You think that this world is bad, so you get caught up in the eternal fad the way you dress is not enough so you go one step beyond Gotta be cool, Gotta be tough You worship all that’s wrong It’s an eternal plan, a deadly sham It’s emerged out of hell A secret order […]

Running Amok – Faction

One step beyond the old Red Scare People panic, they’re afraid, at home is the place they should have stayed Different factions, no real reasons, people dying, running amok Something went wrong with their ways, everyone’s waiting for the day Their type of thinking has fallen down, and not a building is standing in town […]

Terror in the Streets – Faction

And you wish that you were at home in bed Visions of evil and visions ill will Are burning corners into your head The echo of your steps From the fence across the field They’re coming from close behind The air drops to ten degrees, cob webs in the trees Your door step seem so […]

Beyond the Mirror – Faction

Your reflection comes back to make you fall What lies beyond is in you head Look into the mirror, why are your eyes red Beyond the mirror, why do you always stare Beyond the mirror is future or past Look inside it, be put to the test It knows what happened What will to be […]

Skate and Destroy – Faction

Pass the jogger, skate and destroy Snap it back, skate and destroy Kick that bike, skate and destroy It’s not a cause or political belief, it’s something in my thinking If you agree it’s cool by me, at least I’m not a robot I’m not afraid of things I read, I won’t divide my friends […]

Bullets are Faster than Words – Faction

You’ll never go to war Peace in our time is thrilling But your reality door is closed If you should decide to resist the draft That’s you God given choice Why go thousands of miles away to kill someone with no voice But think about this as it’s said If their soldiers came here, you’d […]

Let’s Go Get Cokes – Faction

But first we stop, the boys want brew they want brew Nooo They’re under age, we wait and tap An hour goes by I start to laugh I laugh out loud Let’s go get Cokes Anything else will make me choke 7-11 gulps are the best I won’t settle for anything less, I won’t stand […]

100 Years War – Faction

To rise above all poverty, to rise above all wrong No one needs your bloodied sword, I’ll get what’s truly mine Bullets of hate kept in your hands, they’ll burn a hole in time Rebel against all hate and tell the story straight We are no more noble than our words Be true to your […]