Lately I – Faith Evans

Lately I, I’m not much good to anyone Lately I don’t laugh the way I used to do, no Lately I’ve been cryin’ Lately I’ve been missing you Lately I don’t wanna hear my favorite song Lately I, I’m finding it hard to carry on Lately everything I see is painted blue, oh Baby I’ve […]

Jealous – Faith Evans

Now let me be real with you. About my feeling’s. The way that i deal with you. I just can’t conceal it. I don’t really mind all your female friends and all. Just know that i’m pssessive, And aggressive when it comes to you. [Chorus] Im so jealous I can’t help it i’m not the […]

Heaven Only Knows – Faith Evans

And heaven only knows what’s on the other side of the rainbow All I know is what the seasons bring And even with the seasons come uncertainty [Chorus] Who knows Do you know I don’t know Heaven only knows what the future holds Heaven only knows what’s over the rainbow Just imagine all the possibilities […]

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Faith Evans

You abandon me. Love don’t live here anymore.(oh no) Just a vacancy. Love don’t live here anymore.(no, no) When you lived inside of me There was nothing I could conceive That you wouldn’t do for me. Trouble seemed so far away You changed that right away. Repeat 1 Mary Love dont live her anymore Just […]

Alone In This World – Faith Evans

I don’t know how I’m still standing on my feet So turned around and incomplete I’m not that happy woman that I used to be Oh, please tell me what did you mean When you said that you were mine, you knew that was a lie But in your heart you know that truth And […]

Hope – Faith Evans

[Verse 1 (Twista)] I wish the way I was living could stop, serving rocks, Knowing the cops is hot when I’m on the block, And I Wish my brother woulda made bail, So I won’t have to travel 6 hours to see him in jail, And I Wish that my grandmother wasn’t sick, Or that […]

No Other Love – Faith Evans

No other love can measure No other love, I’m thinking of No other love can measure Pretty little baby You have given me good times And all I want to do is make it better I can never tell you That I didn’t love you now Cause no other love can compare to you Ooh… […]

You Used To Love Me – Faith Evans

I remember the way, you used to love me I remember the days, you used to love me (Verse) You don’t appreciate the time I put into this love affair of ours baby I couldn’t let you walk around Thinking it’s alright to let me down (Corus) (Verse) I gave you all my precious love […]

Ever Wonder – Faith Evans

[Mario Winans] Baby, if i just been a little different lately. But i wanna understand you so much more. Open the door. anything just tell me. Open up and say it baby. [Faith Evans] Lately, i’ve been tryin to keep my distance crazy. It’s not what i expected at first But now i undersatnad you […]

Where We Stand – Faith Evans

Is it too soon to love you Why do I believe it’s perfect Could it be I’m scared to take a chance Think that we are moving too fast And I don’t know where we stand (I don’t know where we stand) [Faith] Today you said some things to me That made it plain for […]

Faithful (Interlude) – Faith Evans

She’s a lover and a friend Faithful to the end And with this I know you can win, just stay faithful Faithful till the end Faithful to the end Listen ya’ll she’s a mother and a wife, she is everything, faithful Faithful to the end Even when things go wrong and you got nobody else […]

Tru Love – Faith Evans

Six Years five months That’s how long we’ve been havein’ this thing We’ve got every moment hasn’t been perfect But still when it’s perfect it feels Like we’re the only people who have somethin’ real Now 3 years two weeks That’s how long we’ve been raisin’ our family And I wouldn’t go tradin The love […]

Brand New Man – Faith Evans

She knew I had a family But I blame it all on you She used to be a friend to me And now I can’t stand to see Her when she comes around See both of ya’ll let me down And now it’s all over town How could you do me that way? Now that […]

Get Over You – Faith Evans

It was December and the holidays were coming up I didn’t expect to loose all of the time I shared with you But now that it’s gone I find myself longing for you [Pre-Chorus] No doubt about it I’m sorry for the way things worked out If I could change it I would change it […]