Sunny Days – Faith Evans

You turn the rain into sunny days You take the clouds away Baby you’re the one I feel like heaven’s […]

Come Over – Faith Evans

Won’t you come over and make love to me, ‘Cause I haven’t seen you in a while. Really miss your […]

Again – Faith Evans

Ohhhhhh [Verse 1] Now I done felt a lot of pain I done seen a lot of things From struggling […]

Stop N Go – Faith Evans

You’d fade away like Jordan then cross me over when you come back again I’m not superwoman so i can’t […]

No Way – Faith Evans

You promised not to let me down You promised that you’d be around You said I’d never hurt again Me […]

Faithfully – Faith Evans

I wake up feeling good everyday I used to have a problem with love Until you re-directed my way Faithfully […]

Lately I – Faith Evans

Lately I, I’m not much good to anyone Lately I don’t laugh the way I used to do, no Lately […]

Jealous – Faith Evans

Now let me be real with you. About my feeling’s. The way that i deal with you. I just can’t […]

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