Jizzlobber – Faith No More

Bruises Smiles Bruises Bars in the womb I hide the dirty minutes under my dirty mattress and they are making […]

Ricochet – Faith No More

All of that thick time without you Has made me so thick and drunk “and it’s okay to laugh about […]

RV – Faith No More

My world, my TV, and my food Besides listening to my belly gurgle Ain’t much else to do Yeah, I […]

Anne’s Song – Faith No More

“HEY!” WHAT?? “Oh nothing, just wondering why it is you’re doing that whatever it is you’re doing. “Oh yeah, why?” […]

Mark Bowen – Faith No More

A justifiable means to an end And happiness, that triumphant feeling Only comes from within But…you’ll…never make the grade No […]

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