Baseball Cap – Faithless

I think I took a bruse to my jaw, Jumped me from behind at least three, maybe four, I never see my hat no more. Oh, smash. There goes my baseball cap, It’s gone, gone, gone, gone, I can’t get it back. Oh, smash, there goes my baseball cap, It’s gone, gone, gone, gone, I […]

Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow – Faithless

Should you hear somebody cry, “The end is nigh”, Don’t you buy that line. Tomorrow’s always yesterday Love’s yet to have it’s day and you’ve got all the time Planes crashing, trains crashing people dropping bombs, Nothing new, what go come around now Child it won’t be long. Keep keeping up, Everything will be alright […]

Not Ennuf Love – Faithless

Now when you climb Into your bed tonight And when you lock And hold the door Just think of those Out in the cold and dark ‘Cause there is not enough love to go round Now when you climb [fade] And when you lock [fade] Just think of those out in the cold and dark […]

Liontamer – Faithless

If you place a thing into the center of your life That lacks the power to nourish It will eventually poison everything that you are And destroy you A simple a thing as an idea Or your perspective on yourself of the world No one can be the source of your contempt, It lies within, […]

Hem Of His Garment – Faithless

Pauline: Oh I wish I could be touched by the hem of his garment Maxi Jazz in background: …in a dream… Pauline: To be proud has never been so mean, so hard, so strange, so cruel Oh I wish I could be touched by the hem of his garment Mmmmm, I’ve come a long way […]

Dirty Ol’ Man – Faithless

And a dirty old man, He’s a dirty old man and a friend of mine. I’m a dirty old man? My life is cold, I’ll chill you to the bone, Heart of stone, Have a care, You know my breath stinks, I leave shit everywhere, So be aware? Don’t you dare try appealing to my […]

Crazy English Summer – Faithless

The sky is victorious but here comes the rain Friday is taking me home again, And I’ve nothing but you on my mind. Grass is greener without the pain, I think that I’m changing but I’m just the same My sun is a ascending again And I’ve nothing but you on my mind Sometimes I […]

Love Lives On My Street – Faithless

A mans life got took away in the city today, they say But never tell how many’s been born Inform us of a top notch surgeon’s mistake But not the many lives he’s saved before Show us starving kids through expensive lenses On a far and distant shore Of which, when sold, could feed a […]

One Step Too Far (featuring Dido) – Faithless

You can sleep forever, but still you will be tired You can stay as cold as stone, but still you won’t find peace With you I feel I’m the meek leading the blind With you I feel I’m just spending wasting time I’ve been waiting I’m still waiting I’ve been waiting I’ve been waiting I’ve […]

Reverence – Faithless

Take the words and the bass, Taste, and then swallow me, You’re chasing the devil, Cos you’re level if you follow me For quality, and I make no apology For linking my thinking with computer technology. Cos this is like a modern day hymn, For the new church, I search for the truth, I’ve got […]

God is a DJ – Faithless

This is where I heal my hurt It’s a natural grace Of watching young life shape It’s in minor keys Solutions and remedies Enemies becoming friends When bitterness ends This is my church (3x) This is my church This is where I heal my hurt It’s in the world I become Containt in the hum […]

What About Love – Faithless

Come on (3x) I know you so intimately Anger and misery The reason for my heart’s fragility How will it be if you simply set me free Restore my ability, to hold my head high To speak only truth where I used to lie Goodbye to the enemy, it’s been too long Come on What […]

Killer’s Lullaby (Nightmares On Wax Remix) – Faithless

Watchin’ parallel lines unwind and undulate Behind the rain-streaked windowpane, the scene’s bleak Another train leavin’ home, conceding defeat with a low moan Hangin’ in A sky, made of stone Everybody’s leavin’ home, I called my man Jerome To come meet me in the twilight zone Leave your mobile phone at home and come alone […]