Scapegoat – Fear Factory

Meanings of our laws Already guilty? Something has a flaw Wrongly accused Blindly confused Open your eyes Try to realize […]

Crash Test – Fear Factory

Animals aren’t seen Testing on their minds Testing with their lives You can’t believe Not even percieve Animals that die […]

Flesh Hold – Fear Factory

A jail cell, a stell tomb To see the light My mere existence God’s kill in sight Confined in madness […]

Digimortal – Fear Factory

One step! As I witness the death of innocence A predator feeding on its creation Through the fallout of this […]

Leechmaster – Fear Factory

Are your needs All you want Is to be loved Pain!…Love!…Pain! But you can give Someone else The same love […]

Replica – Fear Factory

There is no love I am a duplication Innocently I was conceived So violently There was no love There was […]

Edgecrusher – Fear Factory

Chaotic case of conquerring domination Psychopath snaps fired chains of imprisonment A bludgeoning force that’s undermining the government Inflict strain […]

Byte Block – Fear Factory

I’m nothing more Nothing less Than a single piece of flesh Nothing more Nothing less Than a worthless piece of […]

Shock – Fear Factory

Headfirst to the earth With my sights on the goddamned kill switch I’ve become a fuse Charged with attitude Fixed […]

Obsolete – Fear Factory

Discerning man from machines now Dominate as to erase Wiping man off Earth’s face now Defaced by all inept justice […]

Descent – Fear Factory

Designed thoughts and intellect Forgotten and displaced The crux of my dismay I feel nothing I am nothing I feel […]

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