Performer FEIST

Family – Feist

The pins stick like tongues on pause Or butts in an ashtray Lunchtime packages Waxed and wrapped in hell Down […]

Monarch – Feist

Don’t give me eether, or open my vain Im sane, I know im sane I dont give a care for […]

One Evening – Feist

You saw me see you That something you said, the timing was right The pleasure was mine The time and […]

So Sorry – Feist

I’m sorry, two words I always think after you’re gone When I realize I was acting all wrong So selfish, […]

The Water – Feist

The telegraph cables hung The few can decipher who the message is from And delivering quietly ‘Cause some don’t get […]

Intuition – Feist

The Intuition I’ll know, I’ll know (Oh) I won’t have to be shown The way home And it’s not about […]

The mast – Feist

All the things I want you to see Take my head into your hands ‘Cause I come to you from […]

One year a. d – Feist

I wonder what I’ll do today I’ve got a feeling I’ll be doing the same things all over again Again […]

Sea Lion Woman – Feist

Sea Lion Woman, She’d lie She drink coffee, She’d lie She drink tea, She’d lie And [the] rooster crow, “She’d […]

My Moon My Man – Feist

So changeable and Such a loveable lamb to me My care my coat leave on a high note There’s nowhere […]

Inside and out – Feist

Baby, I can’t figure it out Your kisses taste like honey Sweet lies don’t gimme no rise up For what […]

Leisure Suite – Feist

Quit talking Just for talking Please In my leisure suite Sometime I feel the room surround me With possibility Build […]

Now at last – Feist

What a fool I’ve been For I’ve lost the last love I shall ever win And/Now at last I see […]

Honey Honey – Feist

Fill the flowers deep in his dreams Eat them out to sea by the east Honey honey, food for the […]

Mushaboom – Feist

But wait the babies haven’t been born oh Unpacking the bags and setting up And planting lilacs and buttercups oh […]

Still true – Feist

So I don’t get cold when I sleep My love affairs always seem unsteady And I never go half-way when […]

Onliest – Feist

He had the maps laid out He had a boat and had a sail “Jack’s Girl” on his arm But […]

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