Performer FISHBONE

End The Reign – Fishbone

In the darkness, I have found my vision I’ve seen the Queen that thrives on desolation A Queendom that preys […]

Cholly – Fishbone

CHOLLY — Lady with the hazel eyes CHOLLY — Cholly make me feel good CHOLLY — Like you know a […]

Give It Up – Fishbone

Aren’t you even sure what the hell you’re fighting for? All the broken dreams of men just break me down […]

Beergut – Fishbone

all the women We’d go kick it at the bar But his drinkin’ went too far He could see over […]

Pouring Rain – Fishbone

The sun will shine on brighter And the wind will always blow Some think life’s a breeze Others feel love […]

In The Cube – Fishbone

That I’m in. It’s liberating for a little while But living in shit with shit And bein’ all about shit […]

Alcoholic – Fishbone

Ohh real good liquor Ohh make you clumsy Ohh make you throw up Well…my Pop had a party at the […]

Ma And Pa – Fishbone

There once was a Ma that wanted her There once was a Pa that wanted her I know she’s confused, […]

A Selection – Fishbone

You see the little surfer girl with eyes of jade Then you see a foxy lady standin’ by her side […]

Deep Inside – Fishbone

Rich Ass High Klass Don’t bother me and I won’t realize your crime Two faced You’re out of place You […]

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