Performer FIVE

My Song – Five

It started with a beat A beat in my head And it wouldn’t go away So i added a bass […]

Rock The Party – Five

The way i come through in the discotheque. I know you like what i got, my style, The original seventies […]

C’mon C’mon – Five

I’m trying to keep my two feet on the ground. Constantly surrounded everywhere i turn i’m hounded, People stop and […]

World Of Mine – Five

From this life that i have been thrown into I no longer know who to trust They keep hurting me […]

Let’s Dance – Five

And keep bouncing 30 seconds and counting Hot one, this choice critical Situation is difficult My calibre won’t allow me […]

Breakdown – Five

Shakedown (maybe a shakedown baby) If you’re looking for a breakdown If you’re looking for a shakedown I can feel […]

Satisfied – Five

Going round in circles baby Trying to think how i’m gonna get with you I think about you all of […]

Keep On Movin’ – Five

That better things are coming my way (way) And if the sunshine has a meaning Telling me not to let […]

Let’s Get It On – Five

Like you do, ’cause it’s true. You got me prayin’ that this love is real. All i need, is you […]

It’s Alright – Five

The things you said to me Thoughts are whirling round my head Ёc alright I never knew that i could […]

All Around – Five

Seen so many things, And tasted all the good things that life can bring, We’re like brothers now, and that […]

The Heat – Five

Make you shake that front and wiggle your behind. Like whoop, tell her where it’s at one, two microphone. Secret […]

Straight Up Funk – Five

Straight up funk in your ear If you really want it, it’s over here Straight up funk in your ear […]

Switch – Five

Checking out my beats Know that they’re unique Got you jumping out your seats ah Never bring the same flow […]

Everyday – Five

Everyday i just keep it all inside You got me tripping Because i want you bad And you don’t know […]

Shake – Five

Live from madison funky garden – five! Let’s get ready to rumble Chorus: Get on down in the gutter getting […]

Invincible – Five

And thoughts are hard to say, i miss you everyday Now you’re not here with me I never thought that […]

Feel The Love – Five

And i can’t control Thoughts on my mind They’re playing on my soul When i know what i’m believing And […]

Mr. Z – Five

I got a new friend by the name of mr. z Well what’s wrong with that, don’t ya like what […]

Sunshine – Five

Is get it through to you You take my hand and let me Lead you away Same old words again […]

Cold Sweat – Five

Girl i get dat cold sweat Creepin’ up on me I ache when you shake it Girl i’m just a […]

Serious – Five

Boogie down, boogie down You gotta get serious (what, what c’mon) Perplexin’ as i wrecks the decks So checks the […]

Closer To Me – Five

And girl i think about you all of the time And even though words are hard to say, Girl i […]

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