Dark Dimension – Fleshcrawl

Accelerating decay Speed of life fastens so swift The black hole dragging in Dark dimension, we hail to the one […]

Awaiting The End – Fleshcrawl

Deathly pale like peaceful sleep The past looks back with thousand faces From the confluent hiding of time Break through […]

Hellspawn – Fleshcrawl

My destination, living in pain That’s where I come from, that’s where I’ll return For my evil origin, in hell […]

Subordinated – Fleshcrawl

Crushing fate – I’ll give you the last bless I control your hate – Only fear will remain Subordinate – […]

The Messenger – Fleshcrawl

Watch my precious act, to disorganize Turn around your will, leave you in good faith Take your heart and soul, […]

Beyond Belief – Fleshcrawl

You, always you, I’ll break your back Blind, to blind to see, reality Hope, all hope is lost, beyond belief […]

Bloodsoul – Fleshcrawl

Burden yourself – Praise of the living Embarrass yourself – For what you will give in – Suicidal process Envy […]