Follow The Firm – Demolition

Not Without Trouble; We Do What We Can
We Have Your Country And The World For Sale
It’s One Step More On The Way To Hell

We’re Workin’ Hard And We Try The Best
We Are At First, Then Comes The Rest
We’ll Stop For Nothing If You Pay The Price
You’re Full Of Hate But Believe Our Lies

We’re Workin’ Hard To Controll Your Live
Take All From You But You Still Survive
We Look Around On Every Place You Go
On Tv You Learn What You Have To Know

We’re Workin’ Hard To Turn Off Your Brain
For You Don’t Notice When We Light The Flame
We Poison All If The Profit ‘S Right
This Silly Prank Can’t Blow Out Your Light

We’re Workin’ Hard For The Peace On Earth
We Call You To Arms, You Have To Serve
You Raise Your Children, Only Food For War

Lyric Follow The Firm – Demolition