Burn Away – Foo Fighters

Waiting for the chance To save you my confession Save the one last dance The same old superstition Haunt us […]

Marigold – Foo Fighters

He’s scared ’cause I want He’s scared in case I want it all He’s scared ’cause I want (chorus) All […]

Overdrive – Foo Fighters

This time I think I’m breaking up Come on down, we’ll take this town Tonight before it turns to dust […]

Miracle – Foo Fighters

Begging for sweet relief, a blessing in disguise Dying behind these tired eyes I’ve been losing sleep Please come to […]

Aurora – Foo Fighters

To relieve your emptiness And you dream about yourself And you bleed and breathe the air And it’s on and […]

Low – Foo Fighters

Are you in there? I’m stuck outside you Ooh ooh We could use One another Another like you Ooh ooh […]

All My Life – Foo Fighters

Something never comes never leads to nothing Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close Closer to the prize at the end […]

Come Back – Foo Fighters

Silent all these years but now I’m getting you off my chest Reeling in the moment, I know it will […]

Winnebago – Foo Fighters

cop to plenty, sell the tour split the moment, seal the sheet take the hemlock, beg to see feed the […]

Big Me – Foo Fighters

For reasons only knew When I talk about it, the areas are For reasons only knew Big Me to talk […]

Still – Foo Fighters

We could waste the day Follow me into the trees I will lead the way Bring some change up to […]

Resolve – Foo Fighters

Swingin’ from the chandoleres, hanging on your word I remember watchin’ you once upon a time Dancing from across the […]

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