For A Change – Neal McCoy

It seems like all my life
I’ve never been satisfied
Ain’t nothin’ I ain’t tried
Takin’ every kind of line
Tryin’ to find my home on the range

Been close a time or two
To seein’ that dream come true
But I never could follow through
Couldn’t drop the other shoe
‘Cause pretty soon I knew
I’d be lookin’ for a change

For a change
I can see a little sunlight
Shinin’ through the pourin’ rain
I swear it’s gettin’ a little brighter
Every time you call my name
You know I could get used to this
But right now it still feels strange
To be a happy man
I’m talkin’ ’bout a happy man
I’m a happy man
For a change

Girl I must confess
I live for your caress
Every single time we kiss
I know that I’ve been blessed
I wanna share the same address
And that’s where I wanna remain

Goodbye o’ wonder lust
I been there long enough
Those times they sure are tough
Things sure are lookin’ up
Ever since I found your love
I ain’t lookin’ for a change

For a change

Lyric For A Change – Neal McCoy