Forbidden Fruit – Steve Poltz

“;Honey, would you like a date,”; she said
It wasn’t even an original line
And my pants they tightened
And my face grew taut
And in my mind my mother said, “;You’d better not”;
Then again she always told me
That I wouldn’t like the taste of beer
And she slid real close to me
She said I need not fear
I looked like I was caught in headlights
With the eyes of a lonely deer

Forbidden fruit
I’ll scale your thorny vine
To reach the top
I’ll scrape and twist my spine
Forbidden fruit
Man, what a joyous meal
It tastes so sweet
I’ll even eat the peel
If they told me that I shouldn’t
Then I would
Man, bad must mean good
Bad, bad, good

She thrust a tape in my cassette deck
She seemed a little eager
I said, “;This sounds just like a T. V. ad”;
She said it was Bob Seger
And the smoke danced loops from a cigarette
And her fingernails were silver like a shiny jet
And her lipstick stained the filter as she twirled it
Like a pink roulette wheel
And would you like a gamble
She said, “;Let’s go back to my flat
For a extra fifty dollars
I’ll make you purr like an atomic cat”;

Forbidden fruit
I’ll scale your thorny vine

Lyric Forbidden Fruit – Steve Poltz