Rape – Forbidden

Violation, elevation, desecration Bleed on me I’ve taken all your trust in me and thrown it away Plead for me […]

Step By Step – Forbidden

Numbing your mind to the pain You broke the rule, the payment’s cruel Selfish road, you paved the way Hiding […]

Non Cent$ – Forbidden

Hot blast out your ass that they’re talking with cavity creep looking for victims Band over and over to give […]

Green – Forbidden

Different shades bought and sold, illusion control Extortion incest Greed – it’s never enough They’re building us up while they’re […]

Wake Up! – Forbidden

Peel the lids back from you eyes Now take a look Stand up Spitting in the face of fear Break […]

Mind’s “I” – Forbidden

I can’t release the voices, never be the same Silence is my friend…no more Mind’s “I” I can’t take anymore, […]

Phat – Forbidden

Step to the plate or sit the fuck down and watch Living to please ourselves Burned Rising up we will […]

Distortion – Forbidden

Reaching to the back of mind Terrified Shifting in and out of time Fear overcoming my senses Waiting is agony […]

Infinite – Forbidden

As wisdom brutally teaches Pacing back and forth again and again Just searching for an end Panic wave chaos showers […]

All That Is – Forbidden

The choke is on neck deep Bring down the reign Some people talk a good game Only the strong play […]

R. I. P. – Forbidden

“Guard the nation” This killing force that we have made, what for? I am sickened by this attitude that plagues […]

Feed The Hand – Forbidden

Could you answer that for me my friend? Should I even believe in tomorrow? Who will answer that for me? […]

Kanaworms – Forbidden

Here comes that feeling once again Pop the lid, down we go Falling fast though the undertow Missing link crossing […]