Forever Heaven Gone – Crown Of Thorns

Soon I am dark
I will enter the crypt of blasphemy
I will waste the human race
Behold my hate

Evil take me! / Cermony suicide
Satan connect / my inverted life with hell

Slowley I drown
inside the jaws of Death
Voices of the dead choir
powder my mind
Demons wipe
the memory of life before
Spiteful wish
Forever Heaven Gone

Time to exploit the urgent need
Take the children down to rot
Disintegrate their holy hearts
Infernal spell dismembering

Servants of Jesus crawl for mercy
No time left / I scream upon their fear
Burn for evil!

Slay my dark flesh
The more I die the more I curse
Suffer of joy
Infect what’s left distaseful rests

Infants they rise / I grant the raise of hell
Legion of the black wrath / grows in hunger lust
Rancid limbs / eaten by the witches of night
Genocide / I belive the gore will give feast

Lyric Forever Heaven Gone – Crown Of Thorns