50/50 – Frank Zappa

An’ my breath is chartreuse I know I ain’t cute An’ my voice is ka-poot But that’s awright people I’m […]

Pygmy Twylyte – Frank Zappa

In the Pygmy Twylyte Crankin’ an’ a-coke’n In the Winchell’s do-nut Midnite Out of his deep on a `fore day […]

Cheepnis – Frank Zappa

It tasted real good Then I watched a movie From Hollywood (repeat) Little Miss Muffett on a squat by me […]

Flower Punk – Frank Zappa

flower in your hand? Hey Punk, where you goin’ with that flower in your hand? Well, I’m goin’ up to […]

Flakes – Frank Zappa

Flakes! Flakes! They don’t do no good They never be workin’ Whe they oughta should They waste your time They’re […]

Andy – Frank Zappa

If there is, I really wanna know Is there anything Good inside of you If there is I really wanna […]

Dirty Love – Frank Zappa

Your dirty love Like you might surrender To some dragon in your dreams Give me Your dirty love Like a […]