Performer FRAY THE

All At Once – Fray

She is right in front of you You begin to wonder could you find a better one Compared to her […]

Some Trust – Fray

Coming and you gotta do what you can do to get Away with everything you want and still get what […]

You Found Me – Fray

On the corner of First and Amistad Where the west Was all but won All alone Smoking his last cigarette […]

Absolute – Fray

Everybody knows it but no one tries to stop it Cause she barely even knows him but if she could […]

Look After You – Fray

As I’m leaving the one I want to take Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait My heart has […]

Happiness – Fray

Would it crash blowing 80-miles an hour? Or is happiness a little more like knocking On your door, and you […]

Enough For Now – Fray

He’s not longer with us but he left this dusty room In your name and it’s an honor, it’s a […]

Hundred – Fray

But im staring at What once was the wall Separating east and west Now they meet admidst The broad daylight […]

Fall Away – Fray

That could make you come back down You made up your mind to leave it all behind Now you’re forced […]

Dead Wrong – Fray

I’d make it a point to say so To everyone that got me here And everyone that made it Clear […]

Uncertainty – Fray

And I’m certainly not asleep Maybe I’ve gone far too deep Maybe I’m just far too weak And that’s the […]

Ungodly Hour – Fray

Cause your eyes they tell me more than your words Don’t go, don’t leave me now Cause they say the […]

City Hall – Fray

Rumors of reelection started to fly It’s my funeral today, my funeral today I laid it down Underneath the sound […]

Vienna – Fray

We smile for the casual closure capturing There goes the downpour There goes my fare thee well There’s really no […]

Fair Fight – Fray

Light breaks from the left and hits between the buildings Stoplights change their name from green to red to green […]

Trust Me – Fray

Alone and I’m in between The place that I’m from and The place that I’m in A city I’ve never […]

Little House – Fray

Opens up for nobody Figures out, she figures out Narrow line, she can’t decide Everything short of suicide Never hurts, […]

She Is – Fray

For now you’re not here and I’m not there, it’s like we’re on our own To figure it out, consider […]

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