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How To Save A Life – Fray

He walks you say sit down it’s just a talk He smiles politely back at you You stare politely right on through Some sort of window to your right As he goes left and you stay right Between the lines of fear and blame And you begin to wonder why you came Where did I […]

Trust Me – Fray

Alone and I’m in between The place that I’m from and The place that I’m in A city I’ve never been I found a friend or should I say foe Said there’s a few things you should know We don’t want you to see We come and we go Here today, gone tomorrow Were only […]

Little House – Fray

Opens up for nobody Figures out, she figures out Narrow line, she can’t decide Everything short of suicide Never hurts, nearly works Something is scratching Its way out Something you want To forget about A part of you that’ll never show You’re the only one that’ll ever know Take it back when it all began […]

She Is – Fray

For now you’re not here and I’m not there, it’s like we’re on our own To figure it out, consider how to find a place to stand Instead of walking away and instead of nowhere to land This is going to break me clean in two This is going to bring me close to you […]

We Build Then We Break – Fray

She told me and I happen to believe her too They will be 3 steps behind You will not know what’s got you Oh so you’re sorry now All is not well, it’s not ended Hold your breath til its over There’s something left underwater You’ve been quiet, there are things that you do not […]

Unsaid – Fray

Not to say I’m right Not to say today And not to say a thing tonight But suffice it to say We’re leaving things unsaid We sing ourselves to sleep Watching the day lie down instead And we are leaving some things unsaid And we are breathing deeper instead We’re both pretty sure Neither one […]

Oceans – Fray

I miss the words I love the words, you did not say. I miss the kiss you never gave away. There goes the sun, oceans away And days die young when you’re gone and you’re gone There goes the sun, oceans away And leaves the day for someone else Honestly I thought that we could […]

Syndicate – Fray

Lies the one thing that you want Buried in the ground, hundreds of miles down First thing that arises in your mind while you awake Bending you til you break Let me hold you now Baby close your eyes Don’t open til the morning light Baby don’t forget You haven’t lost it all yet Don’t […]

Without Reason – Fray

I’ve learned to improvise to fill my time I don’t want to live this life, no I don’t want to live this life without reason. Never want to live without it, never want to live, I don’t want to live without reason. I do it on a whim, with no motivation following this line and […]