Performer FRAY THE

Fall Away – Fray

That could make you come back down You made up your mind to leave it all behind Now you’re forced […]

Dead Wrong – Fray

I’d make it a point to say so To everyone that got me here And everyone that made it Clear […]

Uncertainty – Fray

And I’m certainly not asleep Maybe I’ve gone far too deep Maybe I’m just far too weak And that’s the […]

Ungodly Hour – Fray

Cause your eyes they tell me more than your words Don’t go, don’t leave me now Cause they say the […]

City Hall – Fray

Rumors of reelection started to fly It’s my funeral today, my funeral today I laid it down Underneath the sound […]

Vienna – Fray

We smile for the casual closure capturing There goes the downpour There goes my fare thee well There’s really no […]

Fair Fight – Fray

Light breaks from the left and hits between the buildings Stoplights change their name from green to red to green […]

Trust Me – Fray

Alone and I’m in between The place that I’m from and The place that I’m in A city I’ve never […]

Little House – Fray

Opens up for nobody Figures out, she figures out Narrow line, she can’t decide Everything short of suicide Never hurts, […]

She Is – Fray

For now you’re not here and I’m not there, it’s like we’re on our own To figure it out, consider […]

Unsaid – Fray

Not to say I’m right Not to say today And not to say a thing tonight But suffice it to […]

Oceans – Fray

I miss the words I love the words, you did not say. I miss the kiss you never gave away. […]

Syndicate – Fray

Lies the one thing that you want Buried in the ground, hundreds of miles down First thing that arises in […]

Without Reason – Fray

I’ve learned to improvise to fill my time I don’t want to live this life, no I don’t want to […]