Fright Night – Stratovarius

Feel the night, conceal your fright It came from your right
Look what you found lying on the ground
Shiny ball you don’t know anything at all
Look through yourself thereґs a mystery full of you
Always condemn though you never understand
Why you resist never knew how to fight
You touch the light

It’s Fright Night
It’s Fright Night

In the dark the shining spark Follow this mystery ball
But donґt look back thereґs force of evil so black
Ready to take you away Look through…

Look around is this the end you see? Wrapped inside the
pain and misery Is it true when you say that you never
would give up Memories fill my mind I can see
childhood again

Look I’ve found my old toys
They bring memґries in my head And now we are big boys
and that feeling Is dead and it’s gone

Glimpse of the childhood appears to me so clear
Tales from Sherwood they fade away disappear

Lyric Fright Night – Stratovarius