Performer GAMMA RAY

The Landing – Gamma Ray

High in the machines Above the earth We observe your lifeform We’ve come for you Riding the machines We’ll take […]

Armageddon – Gamma Ray

Now all you sinners, this is the prophecy The revelation of your own destiny You had a dream once, a […]

Changes – Gamma Ray

I need a new direction Another thought to serve me right My mind has got an infection And there’s nothing […]

No Return – Gamma Ray

I’m riding the wind, don’t need your request You’d never invite me but I will be your guest Oh no, […]

Free Time – Gamma Ray

The weekend comes, I’m gonna see my baby. I close the door and leave everything behind I hit the road, […]

Land Of The Free – Gamma Ray

Music/Lyrics: Hansen **************************** Somewhere in the desert of the void Beyond the wall We’re the last survivors We’re the ones […]

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