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Wings Of Destiny – Gamma Ray

Do you remember the days When living was meant to be free Not looking for fortune, not looking for fame The beauty of life was the key We lived as one to conquer the world A thousand dreams to come true We knew in the end we’ll find The meaning of life and the truth […]

Time To Break Free – Gamma Ray

Where will you be tomorrow? Really I don’t care I have seen the future, rising everywhere Look into the mirror, tell me what you see Piece by piece you’ll vanish Until you disappear! Now I’m doing what I say No more fooling anyway Beyond this hell, there is a better life to lead You’re all […]

Brothers – Gamma Ray

My life, not yours Is that alright no fight I don’t wanna quit it No way, is that okay No don’t you dare, don’t you dare to touch it with your fingers You sneak around, pull me down Gimme no, gimme no, gimme no more bullshit I know there’s something goin’ on You better leave […]

Short As Hell – Gamma Ray

So now we talk about destruction, A human race that’s left to die Nobody ever will believe it Until we face it eye to eye Let’s talk about hell Our future shines in darkest colours, You’ll never change it, never will Ain’t nothing left now to believe in And so we face the overkill Hey […]

Gods Of Deliverance – Gamma Ray

The sun goes down in the western sky The shadows are gonna return I wander alone through the back of my mind The twilight of moon starts to run How can I see beyond existance? I’m leaving in to the unknown I wander around as I hear someone scream A voice that is never my […]

The Winged Horse – Gamma Ray

In a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, faceless magician Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of tears, shadows passing by Blood is covering the mighty walls Of those who lost their skin and bones No one ever saw the light Oh, slaves of the night There’s a young man, chained […]

Insanity & Genius – Gamma Ray

Therefore I’m laying down in laughter Mighty, the mightiest life hereafter The trip we started hasn’t finished here And while we think there’s not a shade of fear Black points jump in crossing lines Insanity and Genius Both two sides are what I find And I know they’re mine Sometime my womb bears an actor […]

Valley Of The Kings – Gamma Ray

Father can you hear me, did you talk to mother earth What did they say, what did they see, now… is it time for your rebirth? Open up the silent center of your mind, I now want to know the future of your kind In the valley of the kings, when the storm breaks loose […]

Heading For Tomorrow / Dream Healer Medley – Gamma Ray

Time has passed in the modern world Where the madmen live and speak their word. Life in hand they deal with god. Put a trademark sign up on everyone. God bless the children, freedom is their word. Freedom freedom ’til they learn to obey. Don’t fear the liars, reason is their name. Reason, reason, play […]

One With The World – Gamma Ray

Do you think there’s a chance For this world to live in unity as one? I can try to believe But I feel it’s like a view into the sun. Blinded by the light everything will look so fine But still I feel the rays are burning my soul. So you say you believe We […]

Men, Martians And Machines – Gamma Ray

From out of space we came on to the earth From far away on solar beams A dying race to find survival here For our kind to plant our seeds Our analysis of the atmosphere Was good and so we touched the ground A rising simple structured life form there Seemed to be perfect what […]

Hold Your Ground – Gamma Ray

Come to plague me, rape and take me Freeze me up, freeze me up. Politician, inquisition freeze ’em up. Freeze ’em up, freeze ’em up. They’re closing in, the iron round. They hold the share in hand. To strangulate your way to live, The norm always wins in the end. Hold your ground, or tomorrow […]

(We Won’t) Stop The War – Gamma Ray

So now we talk about destruction ’bout the way that we might go I’ve seen the headlines in the papers, The truth is more that we should know. Somebody wake me from this nightmare, Is this a TV horror show? We can run and we can walk We can sit and we can talk. But […]

Tribute To The Past – Gamma Ray

He who found a way to leave to somewhere far from now Traveling in his timemachine a dream that had come true Fly my friend, you will see, something called reality I feel good, I’m alright, doing what I please – I travel time Chorus: Far beyond the rising sun – I ride the winds […]

Razorblade Sigh – Gamma Ray

Out of the valley of death, the man turns his back Stares up to the hills, his eyes burning red He licks his palm, with brown dried blood Turns, grinning teeth, up to his lord The darkness of the night turns bright at his cry, So quiet but deadly Burning deep within, and now he […]

Dream Healer – Gamma Ray

Who will creep inside your mind at night, Who makes your wildest dream arise? Who makes you see what you can’t see, While you’re awake but in your dreams? Out of a world we call the twilight zone he comes, Out of a world where all your reason is a lie. Chorus: DREAM HEALER – […]

All Of The Damned – Gamma Ray

One time in life is all I need, to satisfy my senses Delusions of reality are tearing your defenses I never tried to catch the rainbow, But in the end I have a dream… All of the damned will be wearing the corwn It’s hard to believe as your world’s going down You won’t understand […]