Performer GAMMA RAY

Start Running – Gamma Ray

Mankind has found every treasure on earth It stands to reason that we have got all we need. Comfort is […]

Money – Gamma Ray

I don’t need no money, I will stuck to my ideals. You better get some money, you better get yourself […]

Lust For Life – Gamma Ray

Comin’ out of misery, back to the old energy, takin’ part in our daily show. Think of what has been […]

Ride The Sky – Gamma Ray

Much too long I’ve been a prisoner here The hour has come to break out Shackled and chained almost goin’ […]

The Landing – Gamma Ray

High in the machines Above the earth We observe your lifeform We’ve come for you Riding the machines We’ll take […]

Armageddon – Gamma Ray

Now all you sinners, this is the prophecy The revelation of your own destiny You had a dream once, a […]

Changes – Gamma Ray

I need a new direction Another thought to serve me right My mind has got an infection And there’s nothing […]

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