The Suffering – Gardenian

I’ve sure met mine Suffer! Intensely my friend Keep on having those grave remorse Caught up in the act of […]

Deserted – Gardenian

My mind is set to consume you And when the world comes down on you Don’t come to me to […]

Powertool – Gardenian

Play the game of your life It’s starting to shake It’s ready for you to control Your flesh starts to […]

Courageous – Gardenian

To harm conceive and lie Twisting all straight answers I’m a fake Silently respectfully I move behind your backs Secretly […]

Soulburner – Gardenian

The thought that sharpens my mind Deep down in manic depression I only hear my own cries These thoughts are […]

Doom & Gloom – Gardenian

Accessing all human minds Injecting my veins with your hatred My focus never stays the same Pure! So fresh I […]