Powertool – Gardenian

Play the game of your life It’s starting to shake It’s ready for you to control Your flesh starts to sweat The feeling you need to let go Just do your thing lose all the tension and flow Powertool forever young forever, forever young Powertool when we’re in bloom when we’re in bloom Feeling the […]

Courageous – Gardenian

To harm conceive and lie Twisting all straight answers I’m a fake Silently respectfully I move behind your backs Secretly suspiciously I create my little lies I seem to have forgotten the truth As well as story Nothing no longer adds up Regretting my conviction to be as every one Hiding my solutions deep in […]

Soulburner – Gardenian

The thought that sharpens my mind Deep down in manic depression I only hear my own cries These thoughts are so twisted I can hardly Look out from the edge of my world Those feelings of losing every sense of touch I tried to reach with my hands Sometimes thinking of suicide The thought that […]

Small Electric Space – Gardenian

A place of love a place of hate Friends that hold you true Who scares you more than you Sometimes it’s warm sometimes it’s cold Sometimes it’s just like your world Lost track of time lost the whole of you Lost every thing worth fighting for So you hide in your world If ever time […]

Tell The World I’m Sorry – Gardenian

I want to lose my head go for the bat and crush your head Relax for a while think it over All the vicious circles I’m trembling in are going further down The last words you ever spoke still echo in my head The world has turned and left me here So stiff and cold […]

Doom & Gloom – Gardenian

Accessing all human minds Injecting my veins with your hatred My focus never stays the same Pure! So fresh I can test it Taste it in my narrow mind Focus well and inject it Blindfold my eyes When my apathy dies Sure I will rise up and face it Another day of sunshine lies This […]

The Heartless – Gardenian

I’ll make it black If I give you air to breathe If I give you air to breathe If I give you sight I would stab my eyes If I give you all my trust I am used and feel so bruised So we’ll make a mess of our lives I’ll paint your world in […]