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Nickajack Cave – Gary Allan

Johnny Cash came to his crossroad in a place called Nickajack Cave. Little white pills and whiskey Honky tonks and smoke One night stands with his country band Had him strung out on the ropes Well, he cried out to Jesus He said, “Jesus, I think I’m too lost to save.” He already had one […]

All I Had Going Is Gone – Gary Allan

The day that we met I’ll never forget Was the luckiest day of my life She took me so far And I broke her heart Now I’m sittin` here With the simple truth That tears me apart Chorus: All I had goin` is gone The best I’ll ever do Is over and done It serves […]

From Where I’m Sitting – Gary Allan

Now she pulls him closer as the music slows The lights are growin` dim it’s just her and him and the band Funny, I used to love this song I though it was our song but I guess I was wrong From where I’m sittin` I can see where I stand Chorus: From where I’m […]

Wake Up Screaming – Gary Allan

Used to sleep through the night peacefully Not a care in the world got to me But now I lay me down to sleep I’m afraid of what I might see I wake up screamin` when your dream goes by Used to feel like a man in control Unaware of the storm in my soul […]

I’m Doin’ My Best – Gary Allan

Thought I oughta celebrate So I went down to grab a couple beers And I got so drunk I ripped my pants I asked the bouncer for a dance I thanked him as he threw me out I woke up at a Waffle House With a shiner and a wild brunette She don’t know my […]

What’s On My Mind – Gary Allan

Without lots of reservations on the line If there’s a way to slip around it Then I’m bound to get around it one more time Honey you are so persuasive But it makes me more evasive when you pry You can label me elusive But the facts are inconclusive at this time ‘Cause you can’t […]

Her Man – Gary Allan

I’m gonna change my ways of ‘doin things around here I’m turning over a new leaf, gonna get my self in gear ‘Cause I’ve got a women whos better then most, and I’ve made a mess of her plans Starting today, all I’m gonna be is her man ‘Cause I’ve been a wild catter, and […]

No Man In His Wrong Heart – Gary Allan

On the inside flap of a matchbook cover She made me the kind of offer That no man in a weak state could outrun I tried to think what a gentleman would say Turnin’ that kind of opportunity away I tried my best to tell her I’m not the right one Like no man in […]

I’ll Take Today – Gary Allan

Yeah, she’s the one The one I told you all about Yeah, it was serious, but it was long ago She just might walk over here And give me a kiss for old times But don’t you worry dear Old times, next to you, can never come close I’ll take today over yesterday, anyday I’ll […]

Send Back My Heart – Gary Allan

By now I really should be over you But I might as well just give up tryin` You’ve got what’s missin` deep inside of me And I want it back, girl you know it’s mine Chorus Send back my heart if you don’t want it Send back my heart girl, the one you stole away […]

I Can Love You – Gary Allan

Can’t make right mistakes we’ve made Can’t dry your crying eyes For my little angel’s sake I can’t make the sun keep smiling Or blow away the clouds There’s some things in this old world, girl I can’t do nothing about But I can love you Like I’ve always done And when the hard times […]

The One – Gary Allan

I won’t rush your heart Until you feel on solid ground Until your strength is found, girl I’ll fill those canyons in your soul Like a river lead you home And I’ll walk a step behind In the shadows so you shine Just ask it will be done And I will prove my love Until […]

Sorry – Gary Allan

Ooh ooh ooh ooh sorry, ooh ooh ooh ooh sorry Well I came home from work in the middle of the day Two hours early, but a little too late She was coming down the stairs, looking mighty grand With a big brown suitcase in her hand I said, “What’s goin’ on, baby, what’s the […]

Living In A House Full Of Love – Gary Allan

Chorus: Now love is pouring through the windows Comin` through the door I can feel it creepin` through the cracks in the floor Bouncin` off the walls and the ceilin` up above Since I found you I’m livin` in a house of love All my life my hear’s been walked on Women said they loved […]

Promise Broken – Gary Allan

I cause tears to fall and some to lose it all This whole world would be Better off without me Well, im the saddest words you’ve spoken I’m a promise broken I’m the ballgame that you missed Im the calls that don’t come in Im every poor excuse you use to cover up the truth […]

Man Of Me – Gary Allan

Still went and graduated, I didn’t have a clue Did a stint in the Navy, They did their best to break me, Somehow made it through, I’ve had some hard knocks I’ve been around the block But baby I believe That Lovin you made a man of me Raisin’ hell, racing cars, Closin’ down the […]

It Took Us All Night Long To Say Goodbye – Gary Allan

It only took a minute for us to finally end it I guess we’d seen it comin’ for some time And it only took one hour to sit and talk it over But it took us all night long to say goodbye Now the flame is gone I know And the ashes have grown cold […]

Wine Me Up – Gary Allan

I’m the center of attention in this bar room ‘Cause I’ve got the biggest heartache of the year And each night those swingin` doors reach out to me and draw me in ‘Cause they know each night that I’ll be back to wine me up again Chorus: Wine me up turn me on and watch […]

You Don’t Know a Thing About Me – Gary Allan

The one who never gave you what you need It’s true I wasn’t always around Back when you were reaching out for me I know you think I didn’t care You say I’m just the hurting kind I know you think my heart wasn’t there But I’m begging you to think it through one more […]

Can’t Do It Today – Gary Allan

That’s what it’s like when you love me and you leave me this way Like a dove crying out when he’s lost the will to fly Yeah.. shackled down to the earth by your long chain of lies Well, I’ll forgive you tomorrow if the sun doesn’t shine Let you back into my life when […]

Cowboy Blues – Gary Allan

Well there’s a lonesome feelin’ that comes over me When I hear that highway moan I know it’s where the good Lord meant for me to be A dreamin’ drifter far from home I roam from town to town out on the interstate I’m always only passin’ through I need my woman’s lovin’ she’s so […]

I Ain’t Runnin’ Yet – Gary Allan

I’ve come to see it’s a pattern with me To make a fast getaway Everytime I get a little too near to love Somebody gets too close The next thing I know I’m up and gone again Chasin’ the wind and the distant stars above Ah girl But I don’t know what’s been goin’ on […]

Puttin’ My Misery On Display – Gary Allan

Playing music and writing songs about the way I feel Tonight I’ll play my guitar for you I’ll pour my heart out and tonight it’s blue So gather round and watch me play I’m putting my misery on display I was raised with the West Coast bands I dont change for anyone I stay the […]

Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies – Gary Allan

Red lips, blue eyes and little white lies Oh darlin’ I’m a fool for you Hey darlin’ why can’t you can be true Red lips, blue eyes and sweet disguise Oh darlin’ the things you put me through Your little white lies are breaking my heart in two You come around and tell me that […]

Ring Ring – Gary Allan

When I put you on her finger I felt the love in her sweet embrace And all the happiness you brought her I still see it all in my mind The way she loved me All the time [chorus] Ring, ring You ain’t nothin’ but a thing Yesterday we used to hold her LIttel band […]

Puttin’ Memories Away – Gary Allan

Filled with broken memories and fool’s gold And I woke up again last night in this lonely bed without you to hold And I walkeda rond this house pullin’ picutres off the walls Just like I’ve done a hundred times before Makin’ sure I’ve got ’em all [chorus] Makin’ sure I’ve got the hard to […]

He Can’t Quit Her – Gary Allan

At the end of the bar She had more than one too many buttons undone On that blouse she wore Starin’ too long at hre lost in that Skynyrd song Was his first mistake And when she shot him that, “Boy you dont want none of this” look It was way too late [chorus] She’s […]